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Hostinger SCAM 2022 | Can’t handle even 2 Websites | WordPress Hosting Business Webhosting

Hostinger Business WebHosting scam
Why is it so cheap?
Because you need to pay more.
It can’t handle even two sites, evidence.

hello others this video will be about the scam of hostinger i didn’t see so i want to notify you i received this email after six days of having hostinger and they want to get money from me more money than they actually uh then i paid actually for this hosting so they say you have outgrown your hosting clan your business charity has exceeded resource and you get five from the train resource limit widget so i get an error people they cannot
visit my website anymore because i have too many versus used so let’s look into this yeah so if you look here you can see like when it gets like a certain memory when people visit your website it appears to be 1.5 gigabyte you have so 1500 it appeared that my website it’s that close you cannot access it every time it comes to this it’s x it’s closed yeah four five from the three error people get five and three error and you can see how many times
this happened and if you look so what is the problem you see um i have multiple websites i have just four yeah i can prove to you see one two three four and my plan is what’s my plan you have multiple plans for wordpress hosting you have at hosting or wordpress hosting you have one website i don’t want one website 100 says i want 100 websites and because i have i want to have many visitors i then took 25 000 i took 100 000 so i need to have 100
000 visitors and 100 websites 100 websites yeah and what i have is four websites 96 i can have yeah i have just four it’s 96 more i can have so let’s look at is nothing it’s empty it’s empty so i promise you look it’s just a default hosting you see just default hosting page uh welcome um the other page hosting the gc perfume is also empty you see here it’s just uh i didn’t put i just upload files in it and that’s it i didn’t make a website
of it so i just have this website and this website and they are just i never told about someone that this website exists i just it’s a copy of from my other website i want to check speed difference from hosting to hosting the same website as that but no one and don’t use this it’s not even uh people cannot find it in google like this website doesn’t exist so that’s one two the this website it’s a demo i didn’t do anything i just
imported team i don’t have made any advertisement i just told one one single person that i made this i just showed him that’s everything so i have no visitors here is evidence i have just 285 visit unique visitors and 17 000 visitors yeah it looks much more it’s all robot yeah i never told someone about this website i don’t even appear in google search and i have already seventy thousand yeah it’s not um it’s not in my hand so as you see here’s
evidence you can see zero zero zero zero zero zero yeah equal zero zero but the only thing that uses it is hosting holding and that’s just a demo website as i said i showed you from from cloudflare that i don’t have only i only have robots visiting it i don’t do anything with it so um this is the scam so they asked me to upgrade yeah when you press this button uh let me login then you come here you look at manage wait is it
it’s here increased russell so he asked me also upgrade to wordpress pro you see do you see he says pay money pay more money you cannot uh you don’t have any websites so i have just two websites two it says 100 websites again see the scam 100 websites i have two websites only two honing empire and echo outward hundred thousand visitors hundred thousand i have two hundred something visitors yeah even if you look to seventy thousand it’s not
hundred thousand yeah so this is a scam and you can see i’ve paid i’ve paid 100 i have paid 48 months 48 months defiled by 12 is 4 year yeah this also the surprise is also scam this price is to stick for four years long with this hosting which you cannot host one website of it i have just one website i have two websites on it you cannot host two websites for this price yeah you need to upgrade so this is a scam yeah hosting is a scam i didn’t saw
this coming i was really happy 100 websites 100 thousand visitors i was so happy free email uh even the ssl scam this ssl is for one single website one single website let me show you let me show you yeah so so every time the website it’s like when it comes here it it’s like breaks you cannot continue so let me show you ssl sell sorry so ssl it’s it costs money to have a cell and i’ve like chatted with here with the guy and i said look for i need
to have 50 domains i want to use everything and i just have one ssl so i need to you need to buy it it was like four or five arrows to buy an ssl only one domain has sell free and he said okay here 50 ssl you can go ahead this is a free thing you need to tell them if you say let’s encrypt free ssl then they say okay you know what you’re talking about here free ssl sl is something free they don’t need anything to do for that so they still for one
reason they they charge me money for itself uh but yeah so you see sl is the glitch the four-year plan is the glace and this is the biggest glitch yeah you see performance rope this my people will visit the website i didn’t even call anyone to visit my website just by putting a website online i already have with two websites just with two websites putting online i called no one i made no advertisement four days ago i did this look what’s
happening it says pay yeah let me show to you let me show to you how dirty so if you press here you will get here somewhere increase resource yeah if you go uh so you have no 1.5 gigabyte ram they ask to upgrade to 3 gigabytes yeah so continue you see 179 errors do you see it and what’s what even worse it expires 2023 so in two years it expires yeah in two years it expires but if you look to my to my uh to my order where is it payment it is 46
months two years my plan is four years so they even are more even and then they renew at 21 er a month you see the so you see what happens they will change from 2025 to 2023 so they had two i have four years still that was 25 right i bought four year plan but two years gone for what for useless things stupid stupid uh ucf four years bout i’ve paid everything 231 euro so you see this this glitch you see this um this uh postinger scamming the scam
of hostinger why host dinner is so cheap let me say this stands to be higher in google why hostinger is a scam why is hosting or a scam why um scam hostinger i don’t know what you guys google i think i will type if i will buy something i will type in like uh why hosting or so cheap or scam hosting or um hosting or first or something yeah but you see 100 websites 100 000 people visiting unlimited growth length i don’t know how they call it i have
two websites for four days it says you need to pay hundreds of arrows you see the scam open your eyes may allah protect us yeah and i’ve asked him let me show you i’ve got notification about something bad coach explain what happened yeah let’s look you have outgrown your uh hosting hosting plan uh 503 error to people who visit please help me what’s this about i have just one website yeah i have actually two websites but i didn’t know that the gc had so i write one i thought it was correct but i now check i have two websites but i don’t use them even hello and good thing let me check your account for you one moment upon checking your order usage the notification service as a recommendation that you upgrade your plan since reaching the limits of your hosting may cost your website to perform less efficient upgrading to wordpress pro will help your website perform better so they
asked me to pay more you see you see you see the four i don’t even understand yeah but yeah okay i understand now here’s a link for wordpress pro plan so you need to look further please let me know if you have any questions you see you see the kuffar you see you see what they do do you see what they do they see what they do two websites bro look two websites yeah two websites you see two websites two websites where is that sorry let me let me
find two websites bro look look and only one is used the other one is nothing you see so this is the problem bro this is the problem yes i just have two websites the other two domains are not a website they are just only one person only one person only one person knows about the websites i made yeah now more people know maybe but back then till now yeah till till the fifth twelve those twenty one only one person and he know about honing
not about the other website so why and let me tell you that he played late he said he will reply in 10 minutes what happened is i cannot even see the time they remove the time because people get distressed so let’s look what what will be the case let’s look what’s the glitch simple website just on pots yeah it’s it’s it’s a theme this it’s not like nothing really crazy or something and this is also sim same exactly same almost you see um i have
no visitors as you see there’s all robots and it’s not even 100k it’s 70k if you look from request and if you look from visitors and it says visitors it says you see oh it says visits okay that’s request sorry but it is still less than and even cloud fire catched like 20 70 of it so like what’s your problem what let me put it here if he let me look what he’s gonna say if he says something i will say it’s a scam maybe he will give me something
maybe he will say i was i’m gonna release video of this being a scam does it say something about 1.5 gigabytes no right you see it says nothing about dumping so all this information you see here and they compare with each other it says nothing about really nothing about says nothing about this nothing nothing about the 1.5 gigabyte okay so what i want to show you before you place i had this before 16 gigabyte brown for nine errors a month and i
never had like almost more than four jira by brahma use for multiple websites i had like one so the way how they calculate how many gigabyte ram you use it’s really worth you know why i wrote this because he talks with many people so he ignores me he talks with them and then after like 10 minutes 50 minutes he comes to me uh 15 minutes and then comes to me so i said yes please so he knows that he’s talking to me and this ssl scam so there are
three three scams here first the how was it i was growing this one resource limits reached second four year stuck third third a sales camp so they have like sales only for one website and you need to pay like every time you want to add a sell he gave me now free that’s encrypted sql sl which are actually free so you need to ask for this and you get free for your sticks you can do nothing about this you need to pay more if you want to have for
three years but the price this show here is for four years everything for four years yeah i will show you evidence you see four years two years three years two years one year so for one year you pay every month 16 euro for what for just two websites so i think about most biggest to make most profit but they asked me to update after two websites there are 100 websites i have just two and they asked me to upgrade already let me see if he replied
while checking please see this art ticket may improve and i will share a screenshot of cloudflare why okay i will pause this and i will open it again when i’m back after prayer after uh let me first play the adam then i go to prayer and then i go back i think this one oh wait there was one better not better but like i know one which has like the start also i think there’s one no message this one is god i said i oh so foreign i
loves alone oh he was hurting me microphone is too loud i think wait hello hello hello hello hello hello hello i think this is better man sorry forgive me man forgive me okay so let’s look did he reply whoa man i’ve listened to complete and then he’s still looking like he doesn’t know what to say oh okay in the meantime before he replies let me use this video as as you know what that one means let me show you let me open this
account almedia meaning tawa no muslim sites nope we only have uh non-muslim websites telling about the muslim term okay tawa is the act of inviting or calling people to embrace islam the plural is the white for certain group islam okay everyone talks about useless things there’s a problem with non-muslim thing yeah okay never mind so the goal of dawah is to call you to islam and why i want to call you to islam how much the quality of islam it’s
not to stress you you know why we have not referred to the stress crown look what allah says uh which is 22 20 to we have not revealed the quran to you to cause you just distress quran is not sent for you to to make you like distressed yeah to make like too many laws that you need to follow yeah koreans have come to make it easier by following these laws to prevent you from being more distressed from other things by just sticking firm to the
space yeah so what so people which don’t believe like people who don’t believe in a creator and in allah they are people who have not thought about this or they have thought and they just say i don’t believe but they really know that there needs to be exist there should be existing upper mind who made this everything like a creator who made seven it cannot be a coincidence everyone sees this we know from inside there is a creator it cannot be a
quick incident yeah so for instance a phone is made from that from a phone it’s made from silicon it’s made from silicon it’s made from plastic and a phone is made from glass so these three things are like the really the like what if you see the phone when you see it these three things is what you see yeah mostly it’s like this like this has to do with this form of it and all the you know even the camera has a class lens this is the main material
phone yeah so silicon um and plastic are made from oil glass is made from sand as far as i know so you have scent and glass in your hand if your phone it’s made from scent and scent and oil yes standard oil because these two are made from oil this is made from sand and the phone is then from scent and oil made there’s like like there’s no phone like coming from a tree or something and we make it ourselves with what we have yeah we have center oil
we make from that we make phones so if you would walk in a old witch desert do you ride like this desert no with one s if you walk if you if you walk in an oil rich desert yeah you see this you see a phone here yeah let me see this uh iphone 13 does it exist i don’t know you see this phone you see it you see it with the three cameras yeah you see how beautiful this design i really like it you see this the buttons here smooth transition you can
open and close sim card in it you see so this this phone is made from sand and oil if you walk in an oil rich desert and you see my complex phone has it’s like your face id scan everything it has like everything and it’s it’s very cool it has like three cameras three cameras bro and the other one measures this three cameras you see it here with this logo you see everything would you say that this phone is like coincidence that the oil and the
scent mix it so it came from itself that this phone with like how many 30 megapixel 64 megapixel camera through three cameras came here in existence no right it’s not possible there needs to be like someone let it file his phone because i need someone has to be mated because it cannot be coincidence this too much coins cannot be so this phone you see this phone what is this phone compared to the world universe if you say this phone cannot be
coincidence who can who can you as human being how can this all everything be a coincidence this phone is nothing this camera is nothing compared to our eyes yeah you see this camera is nothing compared to our eyes so there needs to be a creator who made that it cannot be a coincidence yeah even though you don’t see it you don’t see gravity you cannot see it with your eyes can you see gravity do you know what looks like no but it exists it exists
because you see the result of gravity you see the products fall to the ground you don’t see gravity themselves but you see something failing you see the object fighting so you see the result and we proved by result that there exists a creator and we prove by the result if you look at the human being how beautiful we are from liquid look we have nails we have teeth beef tea is like stone from liquid how is it possible small liquid drop a drop
liquid with exo to get look look look yeah look very good you have eyes oh is it possible from liquid so beautiful nails and tools and i’m 1.85 meters long i everyone has like testicles testicles you see no no testicles sorry i speak dutch intestines everyone has intestines you know how much meter you know how much meat of this six meters bro small intestine small intestine six meters together with the other one 115 meters 7.5 meters 7.5 meters
yeah look at the apple arches to the look at this one this is 30 centimeter yeah you have 7.5 meter yeah for people with feet 25 feet i don’t know about something like that oh how can it still be and body luke is a creator he designed this he thought about this he made his whole system which developed itself and like wake up it cannot be a coincidence there’s nothing like atheists and this is really made up to be uh to to destroy your connection
with creator and to make you a slave because we humans are a slave of someone now you’re a slave of science and government if they pay some scientists and they say look it’s healthy to to uh to pay more tax or something you’re going to pay more tax because it’s time to say scientists i got for you everything but use your mind okay scientifics i know very good i i study science there is some true you can like we accept science but don’t take it as
god like look at the look at your research like look why is this cochlear look if it’s against the creator or not that’s most important if it’s against what the creator said it’s false they use it to make money they use everything that is religion they use liberalism they use democracy they use science they use everything to make you a puppet everything they use so look for yourself look at the islam look at the religion of allah as i said there
needs to be a creator this creator has sent a message to us he did not leave us alone he did not leave us alone he didn’t leave us alone and as a case may see you see about for instance christianity is the biggest religion on earth uh with quantity of people like who says they are christian not the most practical religion in the world who people besides saying okay i’m this religion they also do something for the lord is islam nothing is more
practice no thing yeah if you do christianity they pray to a prophet they pray to jesus peace be upon him jesus they pray to him but he is a messenger of god you see he prayed jesus prayed he prayed to womb to whom they prayed jesus he prayed to allah he prayed to god he prayed to allah yeah so he prayed only to to that creator which we have proven so we should also pray to him we don’t pray to jesus yes human being he has nothing to do he is
just a messenger he just came to give us the message to believe in allah and to pray to him and to establish good to people but don’t pray to jesus peace be upon him don’t do this i’m really get mad about it look look look what does he say to allah between allah and jesus peace be upon him but i need to write i’m muslim peace be upon him because i must i need to write it come on bro look what’s this um it’s from the quran it’s the worst of
allah allah talks about some people saying this to him of the day when allah will assemble the messengers and say so he will say to the messenger to the prophets what was the response you received yeah did people listen to you allah knows allah knows what they what the response was but he still asks you see and they will say we have no knowledge foreign so basically if you go further you heal the blind but with womb permission like god he
granted allah he granted prophets like ibrahim to to ask to make the fire uh the the fire became not fire and he saved his safety ibrahim it’s not by the power of ibrahim it’s like for instance another miracle with noah peace be upon him when pharaoh of iran pharaoh came behind him the sea split he crossed the sea did he do this he hit it with steph he he put stefan but does that mean that musa this this human being had this power to spread sea
from his alone no he didn’t have any power allah allah made the seed he made the miracle not moses yeah moses as they asked allah for for things people ask women asked the creator for things and he gives or give not so people just believed in jesus christ because his magic is but allah did it he did it not yeah so don’t pray to him if he healed if he gave life it is not he it is allah who did he did it not he he did it with capital h yeah son
of mary yeah look you already see the refutation yeah so people say jesus is son of allah son of god why do you write to the savior because jesus has no father maryam mary is she she was virgin she was born she she she became pregnant to to jesus yeah then she begotten jesus like i don’t know who this in english i think this she begotten jesus so jesus is the child of mary because no father and she was still virgin they say allah is the father if
you use the same logic like it’s a miracle that he became born without father like adam and eve you same logic here they don’t have father a mother then they are super god no it’s not the case so many gods you believe that you believe in god you believe in jesus you believe in adam and eve as god you believe in holy spirit what’s this about yeah holy spirit is angel angel islam yeah and as to allah refuses he said you are son of mary you’re not
son of allah allah has no sons he is more majest than having a son you get what i mean so allah will ask jesus peace be upon him did you say to the people that you said like me so it’s include both so some people i know from christian community communities they see mary else’s holy figure so holy they worship they all have a statue of her and they also ask her for things yeah so allah refuses to take that that jesus asked to worship jesus
himself and his mother no because peace be upon him this prophet will say exodus are you it’s panic just not for me to say to which i have no right if i had said it you would have known it because you know everything i didn’t like i wouldn’t say something which is not false you see jesus he told them like every other prophet like abraham like noah like like a moosa like every single prophet go from johan john to everyone they told the
same thing worship allah alone worshiped this creator there’s only one creator alone yeah if it’s the language of us in arabic it’s allah if it’s language in hebrew it’s allah the language of jesus it’s allah like this creator same creator and he sent he sent all these prophets yeah so if musa said ello okay his language was hebrew a semitic language like arabic like aramaic the language of jesus christ they didn’t say god g or d is western term
so when they say allah you need to know it’s that single creator like like you cannot make this male or female like this is like this this like it shows the only one god like god that you have in english you have god with not capital but if you do capital you mean this only god exactly same as that not exactly same but it’s close similar yeah allah you can more powerful than that even it’s immediately refuse everything so he preached this message
but what happened people people changed this message he said but when you took me up you were observed over them so before jesus peace be upon him was so when he was at this world he made ensure they all worship allah alone that they don’t worship human beings like him for himself he just came to tell the message after him god he doesn’t know what happened he says but when you took me up you were to observe over them i did not say anything bad
like i’d called to worship you but the people changed official punishment the people who worship me jesus why me so you see he never ordered that bro what’s happened to my channel i never use this icon you saw a clicker’s account just open so okay i like i get fused or something from some okay but this is not my channel right this i mean this video which i’m gonna upload is from two different channel but let me see what did you
play thank you i have sk this case so technically please always one more time thank you he did do nothing i’m gonna going to look this is most important there okay you stated handling just become muslim yeah and accept it why because you know there is a creator and you know the message got corrupted and prophet and allah he sent a new prophet to purify christianity the proof of to purify so he sent already jesus upon them to purify judaism right
but what happened again it could corrupt so he said uh prophet muhammad sallallahu alaihi he was this prophet he sent him to purify to purify to purify this message and what this time allah wrote also he he i mean he said also and we had it in the quran he um this new uh revelation so allah does not change every revelation but his laws can change yeah but this revelation which purified it it will be to the day of judgment he promised and jesus
will not be back he come return back it he will rule with the same exactly same quran which we have because it is hak it is authentic so that is the case and very much thank you um oh yeah what i want to say yeah so you see here if you go back 30 days money 30 days 10 days money back uh i don’t know guarantee yeah so um and they will give the money back i think because i just have to for six days and it’s already crashed it’s already crashed
thank you all very much it’s already one hour past several