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Hostinger Review : Pros & Cons

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Are you looking for a hosting service for your website and you think Hostinger might be the one? It’s always best to commit when you’re well informed. Lucky for you, this is a thorough Hostinger review. So, follow me to learn all there is about them. Well, don’t literally follow me because we’re in a pandemic and need social distance.


shared hosting sites like hostinger are really hit and miss depending on what you want to do with them it doesn’t help that they seem determined to hide most of their features behind their paywall so you can’t actually see what you’re buying until you pony up the dough so our goal here today give you a comprehensive hosting a review for 2022 and see if it’s really worth checking out what’s good about hosting her let’s start off with the
immediate positives as several very nice things jump out at you on first signing up with hostinger hostinger is extremely user-friendly compared to the other hosting sites i’ve tried out hosting her is amazingly user-friendly their setup process takes you through a number of guided questions at first that really lets them gauge your level of experience and what you want to achieve with your site in addition to the practical effects this has as
they present your options up ahead this can help people solidify their own ideas that they might not have been able to verbalize until now this isn’t a huge feature but it is a nice one more important is the number of options and the way they’re presented variety of options i especially like that it gives you the option to start from scratch if you want which is an option some hosting sites bury in other pages similarly having the option to
install woocommerce right from the get-go is great to have while it’s not difficult to install the woocommerce plugin using wordpress removing one of the necessary steps needed to set up your site is welcome fully wordpress and woocommerce compatible and of course that means it already has innate wordpress functionality something you always want to see most private sites out there use wordpress these days and for good reason it’s easy to use but
has a lot of flexibility in what you can do with it both using its built-in tools and any web design experience you might have they also however offer weebly support if you prefer that service instead easy to navigate i’m a big fan of hostinger’s dashboard and control panel layout compared to other shared hosting services i’ve tried out it’s a lot cleaner and easier to find your way around with everything properly labeled even the home page has a
sort of greatest hits of all the features you’d want most access to you’d think this would be common practice but i’ve seen some weird site layouts that make me instantly distrust the service after all if you can’t trust your site hosting service to have you know competent web design they probably suck step-by-step instructions hosting or walks you through every major step of setting up your first website which is an amazing service for beginners
at the same time it doesn’t force you to do anything so if you want to skip a step and come back to it later or ignore it entirely you won’t be forced to do it i especially like the seo tutorials at the bottom because learning proper seo technique and how to market your brand is something a lot of newly self-employed people struggle with it’s blazing fast shared hosting sites are hit and miss in terms of speed but hosting or managed to have near
constant uptime barring server maintenance and well under one second loading times transparency hosting or gives you a surprising amount of detail in their service upfront on their pricing page not just stuff like how much bandwidth is allocated to each plan which is something that pretty much everyone tells you about but things like exactly how much ram your plan allocates to you input output speeds and more all of this information is great to
know up front and really helps you decide what works best for your needs free extras this is a pretty small category but i’ll give props to hostinger for giving you the cloudflare plugin and ssl certs for free instead of making you shell out extra for it this is not a trend you should expect hosting her to keep up so let’s talk about that what’s not so good about hosting her there are a lot of things to love about hosting her but there is one
thing in particular i really didn’t like in my time with it they’re a bit stingy hosting or prices on the whole are a bit lower than some on the market in exchange though they charge extra for some features you might expect chief among these a website builder hostinger is very much a teach amanda fish type of service it seems they have a lot of great in-depth tutorials as we discussed but they want to charge a fair bit extra to make the process
of building your site faster and easier to get right the same goes for other key features like their built-in seo toolkit it’s not the worst thing in the world to have cheap basic functionality but a lot of the a la carte add-ons it’s not the best either i’m just really not a fan of this business model speaking of price what’s the damage hosting or as mentioned runs a bit on the cheaper side especially if you go for their basic package one thing
you’ll want to make note of though their cheapest plan does not include a free domain so you’re gonna need to shell out extra thankfully even with that it’s actually a lot cheaper than the similar plans from other services i’ve tried which tells me their free domain is about as much of a scam as anything else free is out of these plans i’d probably say the middle plan there is probably the best for the average user 100 gigabytes bandwidth is
actually fine for most people but paying a few extra bucks a month to go to unlimited ain’t a bad deal by any means plus you roughly triple your ssd storage meaning you can use more memory intensive widgets and decorations for your site to make it all fancy however you want as far as hosting sites go hosting here is actually a strong contender for my favorite on the market right now despite my gripes about their lack of generosity and other
features their baseline pricing is so far below the rest of the competition that it more than makes up for it i’d strongly recommend giving hostinger a try over something like siteground if you’re in the market for a new host you