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Hostinger Review Part 1 | Cheap web hosting | | Ecommerce | New 2022

Hostinger Review Part 1 | Cheap web hosting | | Ecommerce | New 2022

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welcome to cabala media where you can get information ranging from entertainment to trending topics across the world before you leave this page please don’t forget to subscribe and press the bell icon so you don’t miss any upcoming videos reasons why hostinger is the right host for you part one one responsive support they’re fun too sometimes communicating with a web hosting company’s support team can make one want to physically reach through
the phone and strangle the useless donkey on the other line other times it can pleasant productive and even downright awesome we are pleased to say that from our experience with hostingers support team they belong to the latter category we didn’t get a chance to submit a ticket our installs went off without a hitch so we just contacted their live chat to see how they responded to some basic issues and we were impressed not only did the support
team respond to us almost immediately we had to wait a few seconds but that’s pretty amazing considering we had to wait close to 30 minutes with some other web hosting they were knowledgeable patient and get this they were fun they will also hold your hand and soothe your troubled soul as they assist you in fixing your problems step by step we get to communicate with gifts and emojis which some may say is a gimmick but we can see how this can
lessen the frustration when dealing with complicated matters and we can send attachments this is great for the times when a picture is better than a thousand words we’re not the only ones that share the same level of enthusiasm about hostingers support here are some actual examples of what other customers had to say about their experience with hostingers support team the support team actually practices a zero-tier support system unofficial name
don’t quote us on this whereby each of their team members are trained to answer every single query without forwarding to upper tier support this results in extremely fast problem solving as they don’t have to waste time connecting you to upper tier support to solve your issues another great thing about their support is that they’re very localized the support team serves 20 countries from their four support centers in their native language so
locals have an easier time communicating with the team and they’re planning to include more localized languages 2. free domain if you folks didn’t already know to start your website you need to buy a domain name from a domain registrar on top of paying for web hosting little expenses like these can add up and snowball and it can really hurt small business owners especially when they’re just starting out getting a free domain name from your web
hosting can really help and hostinger is truly making a difference by supporting new entrepreneurs by giving a domain for free the only thing is that with domains you’ll also want to get hoi protection which protects your online identity some domain registrars like namecheap provides hoi protection for free but this isn’t the case with all registrars more often than not you’ll have to pay for it and unfortunately this is the case with hostinger
but look on the bright side you’ll be getting a free domain paying five dollars a year for hoi protection really is peanuts compared to that it’s a worthy investment three unlimited features as if everything else on this list isn’t impressive enough already hostingers premium plan continues to impress with their entire list of unlimited features let’s have a look at some of them unlimited websites with just one account hostinger allows you to
build as many websites as you could possibly want unlimited bandwidth you don’t have to worry about site downtime down due to unusually high traffic with hosting or premium you’re given unlimited bandwidth so you can cater to as many users as you want unlimited email i mentioned previously that the costs of running a small online business can easily snowball email service is one of those costs fortunately with their premium plan we get to create
unlimited email addresses to suit our needs all hosted with our unlimited ssd storage cron jobs gone are the days where you have to plan your cron jobs carefully because you are limited to a certain amount of cron jobs hostingers premium plan allows unlimited cron jobs so you can go to town with your scripts bonus perks free ssl this isn’t exactly an unlimited feature but hosting a recently added free ssl from let’s encrypt for all of their
shared hosting plans it provides you with that added layer of security for free so that your users can enjoy an encrypted connection 4. great introductory price last but not least hostingers introductory prices are really what sets this web hosting company apart from the competition hostinger has almost all of the same features as a premium web host but at a fraction of the price our premium plan only costs dollar 2.59 slash month and their entry
level single plan is only dollar 1.39 month in comparison you might be paying premium web hosting providers from as high as dollar 6.99 slash month for similar specifications and performances in terms of value we have to say that hostinger provides one of the best bang for your buck in the industry especially for those that are just starting out 5. they own the xyro website builder expanding an already impressive product range hosting a recently
added onto their inventory a website builder xyro is aimed at the real beginners among users and takes simplicity to a whole new level what zyro offers is a more holistic experience they’ve further simplified the basic website builder and added on external features that will help users build complete websites quickly these include the ability to auto-generate content streamline design and more thank you for watching