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Hostinger Review – Everything You Need To Know about Hostinger Web Hosting! (2021)

In this video I am reviewing Hostinger & Everything You Need To Know about Hostingers Web Hosting! (2021)

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Description: Hostinger Review – Everything You Need To Know about Hostinger Web Hosting! (2021) Hostinger has the cheapest web hosting online from all the competitors. It also has the highest speed website load time which is a very important factor when running a wordpress website.
Hostinger Hosting Review – There’s no doubt that when it comes to web hosting, Hostinger is simply the cheapest option available today, with prices starting at only $.99 per month.
Hostinger Hosting Review : Is It Worth It? Transcript:
Hello everyone Carson here and in today’s video, I’m going to be telling you if hosting or is worth it for your website.Now, I will drop a link in the description to my detailed review on this topic and where you can receive special discounts if you want to pick up your own hosting or plan. Alright, so let’s get into the video. Now the first thing I want to cover is, first of all, well what hosting are is now hosting or is a web hosting company. And it’s very well known for providing some of the cheapest web hosting on the market, it can get down to about 99 cents a month at their lowest price. And you have to admit that is pretty cheap. That’s about the price as a very, very cheap cup of coffee. Honestly, you can buy a lot of coffee that’s way more expensive than hosting, there’s web hosting plan. But the question remains, is it worth it for your website? is hosting are a good choice for you when you’re running a web site? And is it worth it? Are there cheap price plans worth it? Like? Do you get the same amount of performance? Or do you get good enough performance to make those plans a positive benefit for you to pick up? Now before we get into that just to touch on what web hosting is, in general, essentially hosting is a way for you to put your website up on the internet. When you buy a web hosting plan, the place who buy it from basically hosts it on their server, they store your files on their server for easy access from people around the globe. Essentially, what this means is that all websites like, or hosting themselves are all hosted on web servers. Because of this, if you’re going to want to host a website or run a website at all, you’re going to need to pick up a hosting plan. And that’s where hosting er comes into play is hosting are good for your website. And do they provide good enough performance for their incredibly cheap prices? Well, just looking at their cheapest and most basic plans, they come in at around 99 cents a month. This is a very, very good price. And this is the one I’m going to be covering today. Because this is the plan that especially makes hosting or stand out as opposed to their competition, you’re not going to see many website providers, many hosts offering the 99 cent a month plan for their customers. Now one nice thing to note about hosting or is that they actually have a very, very user friendly dashboard, it’s super easy to use. And honestly, if you go into it without knowing much about technology, you’ll be able to figure out exactly what you need to do anyways, because of how simple it is. Now that seems to be a benefit. But we also have to look at the performance of hosting ORS plans, because performance is one of the biggest things one of the most important things you need to realize and understand when it comes to web hosting. If you have bad latency on your website, then your website isn’t going to be as easily accessible by people who are viewing it. Because of this, you could lose out on a lot of potential customers. And it just wouldn’t be good overall for your business.

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hostinger review everything you need to know about before you decide to join hey guys my name is damon black welcome back to my channel here on youtube in this video i’m gonna be reviewing hostinger now all of you guys that are looking for a web hosting service this video is for you obviously the right web hosting service is key to a successful website so i want to help you make the right decision now i did some digging to determine whether
hostinger is as good as people say it is i’ve researched reviewed and analyzed a variety of web hosting services and from there narrowed my list even further so what did i actually find now i found that hostinger is so great that i have rewarded them the top spot on my list of favorite web hosting services and let me tell you why this is so hostinger is number one on my list yes now because it provides the best service for most people meaning it
works for a variety of people looking to build a website now to top that off it is also the most affordable option hosting our plans start at just 139 per month yes you heard me right just one dollar and 39 cents per month that is almost unheard of and something you may want to take advantage of obviously now while hostinger is my favorite web hosting service a service that i personally use and recommend is just one of many different hosting
options right now in this video i want to break down hostinger i’m going to go through all the hosting plans i’m going to take you to the cpanel back office and show you everything step by step now obviously the biggest reason why most people choose hostinger is because it simply loads very very quickly it’s no secret that the loading time for your website is very important and obviously the faster your website loads the better because visitors
don’t have to wait for your site to load now guys one more thing hostinger is providing a black friday discount 80 percent off web hosting plus free domain so if you’re watching this video um november the 15th or november the 16th you have a great chance to join right now because the discounts are absolutely huge so let’s hop into the review right now so these are the hosting and pricing options for web hosting and as you can see single shared
hosting ideal solution for beginners is just 139 per month this means you get a website 30 gigabytes of ssd storage and up to 10 000 monthly visitors you get one email account and a free ssl now with the single shared hosting you do not get a free domain but if you want a free domain with your hosting plan i would recommend you to go with the premium shared hosting this is the perfect package for personal websites so you’re going to get 100
websites 100 gigs of ssd storage 25 000 money visitors free web email free ssl free domain google ads credit unlimited bandwidth managed wordpress and so many cool awesome features so for anyone looking to join hostinger i would highly recommend you to go with the premium shared hosting you don’t have to hassle with it with a domain you know go to a different service provided to buy a domain you can just do that when you purchase the premium
shared hosting plan so here on the checkout page you can choose a period so for example one month 12 months 24 months and 48 months i obviously recommend 12 months since it’s the cheapest and since it’s black friday what i want you to do if you decide to join is click on have a coupon code and i want you to use my coupon code it’s damian i’m going to pop it up screen i’m going to pop it up on screen right now and you’re going to get up to 95
discount so with the black friday deal and my coupon code you’re gonna get the cheapest hosting plan available right now so if you’re on the fence of joining hostinger and you want to build a successful wordpress website or you just want hosting that’s perfectly okay this is the best time to join you’re gonna get a solve you’re gonna get it for super super cheap so once you’re ready click on submit payment i’m going to log into my back office and
i’m going to show you everything what you’re going to get so this is how it looks in the back office this is what you’re going to see on the home page so here is your hosting plan um obviously this is my domain um this is my domain i got with the premium shared hosting plan and uh here is your xero website builder so this is the website builder you’re gonna receive if you decide to join hostinger so you can do basic landing pages basic blogs and
all all of these different types of websites and you’re also going to get a bunch of templates so let’s just click on manage and let’s look at all these awesome tools and features so once you’re in your zero back office click on create new website and all you have to do is choose a template and now you can pick a template you can start from scratch okay with a blank site or you can choose a template that suits your niche so health okay maybe some
kind of home real estate power in every bite so maybe some kind of a protein um handmade ceramics or whatever you decide to choose there’s 15 pages full of templates so this is huge guys so you get all of this all of these templates all of this website builder when you decide to join hostinger so this is a very very cool awesome feature okay let’s so let’s go back to our back office now what i also love about hostinger is the simple interface so
if i go to hosting you can see that this is my hosting plan i can add a website to it revenue renew upgrade and here is my website that i currently have so i can edit the website manage the website so this is the hosting okay let’s go to emails so if you want a professional email address you can also do that so for example if you want an email address like my one info at you can set this up in your email section tab up here so
you’re going to have a professional email address so domains this is the domain that you’re going to receive if you decide to purchase the premium shared hosting plan and you can choose whatever you like i just went with because this suits me this is my personal name and it just looks clean and neat so you can find a domain you can buy a new one you can buy multiple domains okay you can transfer a domain so for example if you
have a domain in namecheap or godaddy you can transfer it to hostinger now here are your servers okay so uh your servers ssl certificate now now every single website needs a ssl certificate now this is what it is essentially when you click on the lock button up here this is going to tell you that this connection is secure and to have this on your website you need an ssl certificate so essentially you can activate this ssl for free if you decide
to purchase any of the hosting plans and all you have to do is click on ssl and follow the on-screen instructions i believe you can do this in like two minutes with three simple clicks you can manage the ssl okay uninstall it but what you want to do is install it on your domain okay so then you have the website builder that i was showing you okay the xero unleash to manage it from here and as i said again hundreds of websites hundreds of
templates that you can choose from and build a professional blog landing page or whatever website you want so let’s dig a bit deeper so i’m gonna go to hosting i mean sorry i’m gonna go to home and then click on manage my hosting so this is my c panel and right here you can see all of the awesome tools and features that i have available so if i want to connect my wordpress account with hostinger i can do that from the back office right here so
all i have to do is click on dashboard okay and activate my wordpress website or i can edit it if i already have one okay so i can click on my domain to see how my website looks okay so for example this is the template that i used um so let’s go back you can activate and add multiple plugins with your wordpress account and hostinger so for example elementor like this so this is an awesome website builder again drag and drop google analytics seo
and there’s so much more options so i’m just going to scroll through this page so you can see everything what’s inside so order accounts emails here are your domains subdomains pack domains you can add a website from here redirects website you have the auto installer you can import a website migrate website seo to create digital marketing then you have the files file manager database and here are some advanced settings that you can also play
around with if you need to now now i also created a video on my channel on how to set up wordpress with hostinger so if you’re interested in that video i’m gonna leave it in the link below this video and you can actually go ahead and check it out for yourself and see step by step how to connect a wordpress website how to create your first wordpress website connect it with hostinger in just 10 minutes now also one thing that i want to mention the
hostinger has probably the best customer service out there so if you have any questions you’re stuck with something or something isn’t working they have a 24 hour live chat email support you can get your problems resolved within minutes so this is just my experience with hostinger and this is why i like to recommend them to my subscribers and people who watch my content because this is a tool that i personally use and also recommend thank you so
much for watching this video i hope i made things clear about hostinger so if you have decided that hostinger is the right option the right hosting option for you then go ahead click the first link below this video and it’s black friday 18 hours left use my coupon code you’re gonna get for super cheap and make sure to subscribe like this video and comment down below what you think about this video if i should make more of these and i’ll see you
in the next one