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Hostinger Review | Best And Cheapest Web Hosting With A Free Domain Name 2021

Visit Hostinger Official Website and Get 89% Discount Here:

Hostinger – Best And Cheapest Web Hosting With A Free Domain Name

Hostinger is one of the cheapest shared hosting providers on the market today.

Hostinger Features include:
✅24/7 WordPress support in 20 languages
✅One-click WordPress installation
✅A free domain name
✅Enhanced security features, such as daily backups and a free SSL certificate
✅Practically unlimited bandwidth

Quick Facts of Hostinger:
✅Ease of Signup: Easy.
✅Money-Back: 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
✅Payment Methods: All major credit and debit cards, PayPal, Google Pay, CoinPayments.
✅Hidden Fees and Clauses: Redemption fees, domain name renewals, and privacy protection are not refundable. Most new domain name registrations are only refundable if canceled and processed within four days of registration, not 30 days.
✅Upsells: No upsells.
✅Account Activation: Quick activation.
✅Control Panel and Dashboard: Custom control panel hPanel.
✅Installation of Apps and CMSs (WordPress, Joomla, etc.): One-click installs for most popular apps.

Pros of Hostinger:
✅Free domain name and one-click WordPress installation
✅Affordable shared hosting plans
✅Good performance results for the US and the UK in particular
✅Publicly-displayed server status

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that 0.99 per month and they are also giving you popular extensions at 89 cents per year so for that i’m going to take you to hostinger this is their website and you can see right here 0.99 per month is the shared hosting plan they are offering and this plan is when you go ahead and take this plan for 48 months only then you will be able to get the price down to 0.99 per month i’m going to show the whole process how you can get this plan and
get the additional discount so that your overall cost including the domain name and ssl certificate is less than 40 dollars so let’s scroll down first and show you the plans the popular ones these are the three popular plans that they offer so this is 0.99 per month the one which we are going to use in this video but you can also take a look at these plans as well the one which i’m already using is business shared hosting and i’m already loving
it they are offering me free domain name free ssl unlimited bandwidth 100 gb of ssd storage and my websites can handle 100 000 plus visits monthly easily and i’m also getting 30 days of money back guarantee if i’m not happy but till now i’m pretty happy also getting free cdn daily backups so this is the plan i’m using but if you are looking for a plan which is not that costly and also can handle much traffic or medium traffic this one is a great
plan premium shared hosting but for the purpose of this video we are only going to talk about the websites that are going to be representing a brand name and that can handle web visits like 10 000 monthly or which can offer us free ssl certificate a branded email so this could be a great plan for us so let me tell you how you can go about it and save extra money but first of all let me show you the all the features that are there you can see one
website 10 gb of ssd storage 10 000 visits monthly one email account from brandy domain free ssl which is of the value 11.99 per year you don’t get free domain with this brand but with these two you do get a dot com domain name for free for a year and a 100 gb of bandwidth you get with this you get managed wordpress wordpress acceleration with your plugin which is quite popular when i get to that part in next video you will see that if i click on
see all features it will list all the other features that are there in this plan you don’t get daily backups in this plan in this one you do get that these tools 99.9 percent is the uptime guarantee you get 24×7 sport dns management access manager two sub domains one ftp account so pretty good in the amount they are offering it at so let’s go ahead and first use our domain name here from here you can leverage the domain name sale on hostinger
just see these are the extensions that are available all of these are top level domain extensions so your website will look like something if i go ahead with my own choice of domain ftt which is fixing tiny tedious things and i if i search let me see which all are the extensions that are available at 89 cents per year so this is checking let’s see okay this one of course is not available and i was not even looking at it so these are the ones that
are available at 89 cents per year which is pretty good it is available at 89 per year the other extensions are door xyz dot link and another popular one could be dot deck this one is also very good to represent a player a service because i am into technical things so this could represent my brand so let’s pick this one and click on add to cart at this point it will ask me to choose the web hosting plan that i’m interested in let’s
first see if it is available it is just checking so it is available you can see here now it is asking you to either continue to cart or select hosting plan now here here is the tricky part you don’t have to click on continue to cart just choose the hosting so i’m going to select hosting plan so obviously we are going to use this one because we do our own budget and we want to save money so this is add to cart click on it and please remember the
domain name we chose that price only applies to the first year from the next year we need to pay extra so here you can see the period is one year for the domain name and it is total 0.89 now if you want to hide your personal information if you don’t want people to find you out from your domains who is value you can pick this one but for this video i’m not going to pick this one i’m just showing you the whole process how you can go ahead with the
plan and how you can save money so here you can see we are choosing 48 months and our charge is 0.99 per month and you are getting free setup so let’s scroll down and see where we get the coupon code to apply here it is on the right side here just click on it and enter the code dope it guy and you will see the price changing okay so the price has changed to 45.26 now which is pretty good if you consider lowering the validity of your hosting
account you can choose 24 months because your domain name is only valid for a year at this price and you will have to renew it next year so let’s go ahead with uh 12 or 12 months of hosting now you can see for one year you are only paying 34.44 and if now i go ahead and check out all i have to do is give it my name my email address and the password and create account and check out and the total i will have to pay is 34.44 and these are the
payment methods that you can pay with i hope you understood what i’m trying to convey here all you are paying is 345 dollars for a year of hosting and domain name the branded one so if you are looking to create a branded website for your business or a service just go ahead and choose this plan or choose and choose the other plans that are also available there but don’t forget to use this coupon code top id guy and go through the links that i
share in description or the first pin comment from there you will be able to get extra discount so if you have any questions about this just drop your comment down below i’ll try my level best to answer them you