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Hostinger Review (2021) ❇️ Speed Test, Live Demo & My Honest Web Hosting Recommendation

Are you looking for a fast hosting provider at an affordable price? Well, in this Hostinger review, I’m going to go through everything that you need to know about Hostinger to decide if they are the right hosting provider for you.

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I’m not going to waste your time with fluff content. Instead, I’m going to provide you value with the most important results from my live test like their page load speed, uptime and customer support quality.

I will also provide you with a live demo so you essentially get to test out Hostinger without having to purchase it yourself.

And lastly, I will provide you with my honest recommendation on if or who should buy Hostinger.

00:00 – Overview & Bonus
00:59 – After Purchase Setup & Ease Of Use For Hostinger
03:00 – Hostinger’s Speed & Uptime Performance Tests
05:15 – Customer Support Rating
07:37 – Pricing Options For Hostinger Shared Hosting Plans
12:06 – Hostinger’s Honest Recommendation

🎥 Hostinger Review [2021] 🔥 Best Web Hosting Provider? (Live Demo, Speed Test & Recommendation) ►
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🎥 Hostinger Review (2021) ❇️ Speed Test, Live Demo & My Honest Web Hosting Recommendation ►

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DISCLAIMER: This video and description may contain affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a commission. This helps support the channel and allows me to continue to make videos like this. I will never support or push a product I don’t believe in. Thank you for your support!

Are you looking for a fast hosting provider at an  affordable price? Well in this Hostinger review   I’m going to show you everything that you need to  know about Hostinger so you can decide if this is   the right hosting provider for you. I’m not going  to waste your time with fluff content here instead   i’m going to provide you value by showing you  the most important results from my live tests   like the page load speed uptime
and customer  support quality i also show you a live demo   so you essentially get to test out hostinger  without having to purchase it for yourself   and lastly i’ll provide you with my honest  recommendations on if or who should buy hostinger   i will have a special bonus offer for you if you  decide to pick up hostinger through my special   discounted link in the description below i also  have a free checklist on starting a
successful   blog for everyone so make sure to stick with me  till the end and i’ll show you how to get access   to this bonus but for now let’s get right into  this review after purchase setup and ease of use   right away from their hosting dashboard it looks  very simple and clean you can add a website easily   or go to manage the website you want to work  on and once you’re in the domains dashboard   you can see it looks very
easy to navigate with  the custom h panel interface compared to the   cpanel that a lot of other hosting providers  use the design is also very clean and simple   now let’s see how easy it is to install and create  our wordpress website so now we go back to hosting   one more time and click on manage now we can  scroll down to auto installer and click on that   and now select wordpress and fill out the  information that you want here
and if you’re   happy with everything then go down here and click  on install now give it a bit of time to load   until it’s done and what about installing an ssl  certificate i will show you that now too if you   click on the search button and type in ssl you  will come down and click on this ssl button here   and then click on install and that’s it it’s  all done with one click of a button very simple   now what about creating an
email account so you  simply just go to email click on email accounts   and we come down to here and we just put in  the name we want now type in your password   then click on create okay it’s that simple  you see here our email address test at has been installed so the three  things that i showed you how to install were very   easy they were all one click in stores which is  really good from hostinger overall i
would score   hosting a 10 out of 10 for setup and ease of use  i really can’t fault them on anything in this area   i think all users especially beginners would love  how clean their new interface is and just how easy   it is to navigate and do things to your site  i personally think this is one of the cleanest   user interface out of all the ones i tested it  so far i’m very impressed with hosting it here   speed and uptime
performance test so after i  have installed the basic wordpress site i went   ahead and tested out the speed of the bare bones  website using gt metrics the result is 1.4 seconds   this is a great start even though this is not  the fastest in my test i must say they are very   close so now i would take it a step further and  add some design elements to it to increase the   page size and don’t worry if you’re overwhelmed  looking at
this my course that i will provide you   for supporting the channel will guide you through  this step by step i’m also going to install some   free plugins to speed up the website first i’m  going to install the wp fastest cache which is   for the speed optimization and short pixel which  is for image optimization and lastly i will   install the free cloudflare app which will also  increase the website performance with their cdn  
this will make it more comparable to what  you would do in real life the speed is   now 3.2 seconds which is once again not the  fastest compared to the top performing ones   in my test but it is still around google’s  recommended site load speed of 3 seconds   hosting it still has one thing up its sleeve to  try and get under that magical 3 second mark which   is the lightspeed cache plugin now if i replace wp  faster’s cache with
lightspeed cache plugin which   is recommended by hosting it to be the best free  choice the speed is now three seconds flat which   is just a pass with a 0.2 second improvement from  before now i have been monitoring the stability   performance of hostinger with uptime robot and  can report that their uptime for the last 30 days   is a perfect 100 in fact they have not had any  downtime for over 50 days in a row which is very  
impressive overall i would rate hosting a speed  and uptime performance and 8 out of 10. i took   2 marks away for their speed as it was a fair bit  slower than the fastest hosting providers i tested   their uptime reliability however is second to  none so well done to hosting it on that part   here’s a quick question for you do you think  hosting is page load speed of 3 seconds flat   is faster or slower than what you expected  let
me know in the comments section below   support hosting and provide customer support  through email and live chat i will test them   out by asking these three different questions on  live chat first i will tell them that i have been   infected by a virus on my website and asked  for their help the second question is i ask   them a quick question about their domain name  renewal costs and the last question is i asked   them if they
could do me a favor and install the  ssl certificate and cloudflare for me as i am   complete newbie and have no idea how to do this  here are their results one they were willing to   look into it right away and did a quick scan for  me manually they don’t provide a malware removal   service but offered to restore the previous backup  version without the virus for free for the second   question i found out that they don’t have live 
chat for potential new customers trying to contact   them which is pretty disappointing for me to  find out about this as i expect all hosting   providers to have 24 7 live chat support as a  minimum so i had to send them an email instead   and it took about 28 minutes to reply so this  wasn’t that good either and for the third question   they were willing to help and did everything  for me right away and it only took them about  
15 minutes to finish everything for me which i was  really happy with with regards to their response   time i contacted them at three different times  of the day to make sure i get an overall average   and not just a biased fast response time during  their off-peak hours so the three times were 9   minutes 28 minutes and 4 minutes the average of  those three times turns out to be 14 minute wait   which is definitely a little too long
for me i  think the max wait time for any hosting company   should be kept to under 5 minutes overall i would  have to score hosting and support 6 out of 10   i would say their support overall was average it  was nothing great but it wasn’t the worst either   their team was actually knowledgeable but they  had a pretty bad response time at 14 minutes   when compared to other hosting providers they also  lost more points for me
because they did not have   24 7 live chat support for new customers looking  to sign up with hostinger do you like the level   of detail i’m providing in my review so far if yes  just make sure to let me know by liking my video   and also don’t forget to subscribe to my channel  so you don’t miss out on more quality content that   i’ll be releasing here every single week pricing  options click on the link in the description   or
type this into your browser it will take you  to my special hosting a discount page where you   will get the best discount hosting is currently  offering i also have a special custom coupon code   that you can use to get an extra discount and  i will show you exactly how later in this video   now i will be comparing their shared hosting  plan although hostinger does offer other types   of hosting like cloud and vps hosting so they
can  support you when your business grows and you are   ready for an upgrade now if you scroll down you  can choose the plan that you are looking for and   hosting it offers three different shared hosting  plans with a single tier you are limited to just   one website however on the hire plan you can have  up to 100 websites another notable difference is   the ssd storage for the single plan is just 10  gigabytes but increases to 20
gigabytes on the   premium plan and 100 gigabytes on their business  plan the bandwidth between the plans are also   very different for the single plan you will only  be allowed around 10 000 visitors per month then   it increases to 25 000 and then 100 000 on their  highest plan a great free bonus which hosting it   provides on their two highest plans are the free  domain and unlimited email accounts and lastly a   worthy feature
which hosting it provides on their  highest plan is the free automated daily backup   many companies don’t provide this feature at all  some provided at an extra cost but hosting it does   have it for free for you on their highest plan so  overall the decision is very simple to make really   with hostinger if you only need one website go for  the single plan but if you are just starting out   but need multiple websites then the
premium plan  is the way to go lastly if you’re migrating from   another host where you already have websites with  lots of traffic then i would highly recommend you   choose their business plan so now i will choose  their business plan for this tutorial to test   them out and now on the checkout page you can see  there are four different pricing options depending   on how long you want to buy the hosting for so  i myself always
recommend and would always buy   the longest plan as it will give me the cheapest  per month price there is not much point buying it   for one month 12 month or 24 months when you see  the price of 48 months is only 3.99 once you have   chosen your hosting provider which you’re happy  with not saying that it’s hosting it yet you’ll   normally stick with them for a very long time but  if hosting is not right for you then you always  
have their 30 day money back guarantee to refund  your whole purchase and get all your money back   so i’ll stick with this one for here and go down  to the payment section and this is where you can   get the extra discount by using my coupon code  so if you go and click on have a coupon code   and enter in dot com dollar into the coupon code  section and click the plus button you can see the   price has been further reduced from 191
dollars  to 178 dollars from their already discounted price   so if you do want to go ahead with hostinger i do  recommend you use this coupon code for your extra   discount and now you fill out your payment details  and click on submit secure payment the overall   pricing score i would give hostinger is a 9 out  of 10. they are a really cheap hosting provider   starting at just 99 cents per month and they are  really transparent
with the usage limits which   are allowed in each hosting plan they also use  lightspeed cache for wordpress on all their plans   which is one of the best and most efficient ways  of speeding up your wordpress website right now   this technology is not available in many hosting  providers they are mostly only available to a   more high-end hosting service so well done to  hosting here for bringing this feature to all   their
customers at a very affordable price i did  take one mark off them as they don’t offer the   automatic daily backup on all their plans you will  only get it on their highest business plan this is   something i believe is very important for users  and web hosting providers should always provide   them as a standard features on all their plans  this is a quick note regarding my bonus offer to   you if you decide to pick up hosting it
through  my link then just send me your receipt to bonus   dot com dollar dot com and i’ll send you back  access to my bonus course and if you want my free   checklist on starting a successful blog then just  go to this link in the description and you can get   access from there recommendation overall i have  given posting an average score of eight out of   ten they are a really solid hosting provider they  have cheap hosting plans
and the user interface is   clean and easy to navigate and their speed and  uptime performance is also great so this is my   recommendation for you whether you’re a beginner  or advanced user looking for a well-rounded   hosting provider who is above average in all areas  then i believe dreamhost is worth considering   however if you care about a particular aspect more  than others like speed performance or support and   you want
the best of that criteria then i don’t  think dream host is the right option for you   now i think picking the right hosting  provider is such a crucial step   in your business so it’s important that you  get this right so if after watching this review   you think hosting is not the right hosting  provider for you then i recommend you check   out this hosting alternative which i know  will do the job right but if you’re happy  
with hosting it then i recommend you go to  this next video and i’ll see you over there