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Location: Europos 32-4, 46326 Kaunas, Lithuania
Cheapest Plan: $0.80
Founded: 2004
Data Centers: 6
Alexa Ranking: 5,896
Twitter Followers: 1,908
Twitter Statuses: 1,707

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it’s your boy Odin from host dot promo and I’m super super pumped up to be giving you this amazing hosting to promotion code for August 2019 and if you come after August 2019 no worries I will update the link with the latest promotion okay if we compare all the web hosting companies on host up promo okay with this promotion hosting tur is the cheapest company out of them all okay host injure has an amazing 90% off deal right now which you can
use the link in the description as well as the pinned comment to access this promotion on top of that you can get a free dot XY Z domain on their super cheap plan and then if you buy their two dollar plan you can get a free com dotnet a real legit premium domain for free okay they have millions and millions of customers and I highly recommend them they’re one of the best web hosting companies out there and they’re the absolutely best for your
budget with the promotion down below they have web hosting wordpress hosting cloud hosting VPS hosting email hosting CMS hosting ecommerce hosting windows VPS hosting minecraft odine they launched in 2004 and they actually have six data centers around the world which is a lot more than most hosting companies so no matter where your website visitors are you can ensure that they are getting superfast load times and your website is rockin it okay
they have a money back guarantee so they put their money where their mouth is if you’re not fully satisfied you can get your money back they also have an API they have DDoS protection to protect your website they accept a Bitcoin and they have a bunch of other amazing features okay and I will go over some of the most popular frequently asked questions what payment methods does host enger’ except they accept all major debit and credit cards such
as MasterCard Visa discover master Oh diners and JCB they also accept PayPal and they also accept popular crypto currencies such as Bitcoin with bitpay as well as coin payments and coin payments lets you accept many many crypto currencies okay so hosting jure accepts a lot of the popular crypto currencies and you can pay with either bit pay or coin payments does hosting sure have a money-back guarantee yes they have a 30-day money-back guarantee
so you can safely order a hosting package to test their services out this hosting juror offer root access they offer root access on their VPS plans and believe it or not their VPS plans are also super super cheap as well okay I think it starts at just a few dollars while a lot of the bigger more traditional hosting companies are starting to charge 50 a hundred dollars to get a VPS you can get one for less than five dollars with hosting Durr with
the link down below where our hosting jurors server is located they have six different data centers strategically spread out in four different continents they have dead data centers in the US the UK Brazil Netherlands Singapore and Indonesia what languages does the hosting Jers support team speak they speak English Spanish French Lithuanian Portuguese Indonesia and ruski Vietnamese Turkish Greek Arabic Estonian Finnish Croatian Hungarian Italian
Latvian Netherlands Romanian and Swedish Thai and maleic how many customers does hosting their half hosting jur claims to have 29 million users on hosting juror as well as their subsidiaries as of 2019 which makes them one of the biggest web hosting companies in the world and if you guys have any questions about listenger leave it down below and I’ll be happy to help you out and answer your questions make sure to LIKE comment and subscribe and
make sure to check out my website host dot promo for the best website promotions and I hope you guys have an amazing rest of day and I wish you the best of luck with host enger’ peace out