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Hostinger Black Friday Sale 2021 – Web Hosting Huge Discount FREE Domain

Hostinger Black Friday Sale 2021 is here. This year you get 80% discount on Premium shared web hosting plan of Hostinger. The best part is, when you use my exclusive Coupon TOPITGUY while checkout, you get additional discount!

Claim the Flack Friday discount here:

Here’s what you are getting in Hostinger’s Black Friday this year:

1. 80% OFF on Premium Web Hosting Plan (Use my coupon for additional discount)
2. FREE Domain (Choose any popular extension)
3. SSL Certificate at $0
4. FREE CloudFlare Protection
5. Branded Email For FREE
6. Unlimited Bandwidth
7. 100 GB SSD Storage
8. Unlimited Databases
9. Host up to 100 websites
10. Google ADs Credit

And much more.

So use hostinger’s black friday offer and get web hosting at affordable price. You won’t get a better price for hosting than this one.

If you have any questions about Hostinger, feel free to ask below..

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hello everyone and welcome back to fixing tiny tedious things in this video i’m going to talk about hostinger one of my favorite hosting companies it is offering black friday discount at the moment as you can see once a year price 1.99 per month 80 discount is there with this you also get a free domain name free ssl certificate 30 days of money back guarantee and lot more if i scroll down i can show you what else you get these are the three
plans they have share a single shared hosting premium shared hosting business shared hosting this is the plan they are promoting on the home page as you can see 1.99 per month so let’s see what you get with this plan you can host up to 100 websites with this plan 100 gb of ssd storage and 25 000 visits monthly free email branded one free ssl certificate which is great free domain as i mentioned earlier you also get google ads credit if you you
also get unlimited bandwidth managed wordpress wordpress acceleration three days of money back guarantee unlimited databases git access ssh access and if i click on see all features you also get weekly backups cloud fair practice 99.99 uptime dns management access manager and lot more so this is a great plan the one which i am using is business shared hosting and on that we have 75 percent of discount and you must be wondering why i’m not talking
about this plan single shared hosting because in this plan you don’t have those many features that you get in premiere share premium shared hosting here you can see you can only host up to one website in this one and the ssd storage is 30gb you don’t have the free domain option in this one but in premium hosting you do get a free domain name so these are the features that you are missing here you can see free domain is not there google ads credit
is not there and lot more so premium shared hosting is a great great plan that you can take if you are looking to start your website for personal or business reasons and as your business grows your website gets more traffic you can always upgrade to the higher plan in my case i’m using business shared hosting as i’m say i as i told you earlier you can upgrade to this one if you want to so without taking much time let’s go ahead and select this
plan and when we are on checkout page i’ll give you an additional discount code using which you will get more discount so right now when you click on select these are the options that you have you can either go with one month of plan 12 months 24 months or 48 months as you can see here with 48 months you are getting 1.99 per month the plan cost but if you also go ahead with 12 12 months you get the same discount which is very good so let’s select
12 months and now comes the part where you can use the additional discount code let’s skip create your account for now you can do that later on because i already have have an account on this one so i won’t be creating a new one but you can do that it will take less than a minute so these are the payment methods if you want to see which all are the methods that you can use to pay on hostinger so right now you can see the discount is 98.40 but if i
apply one coupon that i have with them top id guy you will see the price change now the price is 22.20 so you are getting extra discount here the plan cost will now be 1.85 so you are getting additional discount okay you are also getting ssl certificate and domain name for free setup is also free and you must be wondering now why you are not able to add the domain name of your choice right now because you will be able to do that once you buy the
plan and inside the control panel there is an easy process to follow using which you can easily register the domain name of your choice for any exam using any extension so that’s it this is what i wanted to share with my subscribers if you are looking for a web hosting plan which is note that costly and easy and offers quality service this is actually the one that you should go ahead with use this discount plus my coupon code for the additional
discount and you’ll be good to go if you have any questions about hosting your web hosting let me know in comment section i’ll try my level best to answer as soon as i can if you are new to my channel please consider subscribing so that i can keep recording more videos like this thank you and have a good day bye