Wix Review: It’s All About Freedom!


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if I could describe wicks in one word it would be freedom wicks is the website builder most committed to giving you as much freedom as possible unfortunately at times all that freedom can make wicks feel chaotic I'll explain that further in this video and I'll also get into everything else you need to know about wicks themes ecommerce SEO pricing and more my reviews are supported by absolutely Commission's so if you'd like to try Wix you can click the link to it in the video description below and I may earn a commission so let's start by talking about wix's editor which is what I call an unstructured editor you can literally drag any element anywhere you want on a page you can move it here here and here you can even nudge elements over by just a pixel this is the biggest difference between Wix and other website builders most website builders are a structured editor for example this is squarespace's editor Squarespace lets you drag and drop elements but only within a pre-designed grid see those black boxes popping up you can only drop an element into those boxes you can't just drag anything anywhere like you can with Wix the upside to Wix is blank canvas editor is pretty obvious freedom but there are downsides too let me show you what I mean with some examples watch as I add text to this element notice how the elements below it also move down that's smart I wouldn't want text to just overlap the image the same thing happens when I start to remove text the image moves back up the page but if I delete the text element nothing moves up the page instead you have to scroll down and grab everything else and drag it back up the page that's tedious and something you wouldn't have to do in a structured editor like Squarespace let me give you another example I'm gonna move this image to the top of the page awesome but when I go to the mobile version of the website will see that the image hasn't moved to the top of the page there the desktop and the mobile designs have gotten out of sync and now I have to edit the website twice once on desktop and once on mobile these problems are a result of wix's unstructured editor there wouldn't happen on a structured editor at like Squarespace structured editors like Squarespace aim to save the users from themselves it provides parameters in constraints a safety net for example in Squarespace it would be impossible for text to overlap an image but within Wix it's easy to do in spite of the fact that you should never ever do this you're probably starting to hear my bias I'm a web developer and I like structured editors I think it's the right approach but I have to be fair some people will like the freedom of Wix and find structured editors to be constricting it kind of depends on what you're looking for the best analogy is Mac versus PC Wix is more like PCs lots of freedom but less of a safety net now let's look at some of the elements Wix includes elements are things like text photos and forms the building blocks of a page Wix includes a huge selection of elements there's different navigation elements there's different boxes different buttons different audio players and much much more one of my favorite Wix elements are repeaters I've never seen them at any other website builder but basically it's a simple design that you can repeat down the page you can adjust one element and then the other repeated elements will also adjust that's really clever Wix also has an app market with about 300 apps that add elements and integrations with other software companies it's always handy to have those options Wix throws so much at you that occasionally I'm confused by some of the options for example you can crop images into shapes why I don't know why would you ever need to crop an image into this shape what is this shape even but that's Wix they kind of throw everything at you and they leave it up to you to decide what you want to do with it now let's talk themes which says over 500 themes though the quality can be inconsistent some things are clean and modern well other themes feel a little bit outdated the thing with some of the themes is that adjusting them is actually pretty tricky the unstructured editor makes it pretty easy to screw it up there's not much of a safety net another consequence of the unstructured editor is that once you've chosen a theme you're locked into it you can't swap to another theme at a later date so make sure to take your time when choosing the theme the upside to the unstructured editor is that you can really go to town on your website you can customize and make significant design changes this is different from structured editors like Squarespace which are more constraining with Wix you can honestly make enough changes to design a website entirely from scratch if you want to a quick note about Wix SEO if you google around you'll find that Wix has a bit of a checkered SEO reputation mostly because Wix used to use flash in their websites up until about a few years ago and flash sucks for SEO but Wix has moved on from flash and that's really no longer a problem your website's SEO will be totally fine Wix now to close I want to show you some things about wix's pricing the first thing to point out is that Wix advertises the per month cost of an annual plan so the price you see on the pricing page is not the month by month cost it's the annual cost divided by 12 now the two cheapest plans aren't worth using the connect domain plan includes an ad on your website and though the combo plan is ad free it limits you to two gigabytes of bandwidth per month and since the average Wix page is 1.4 megabytes you're gonna go through that pretty quickly for most people the plan to use is the unlimited plan no ads and unlimited bandwidth the way to save money with Wix is to buy annual plans did it break down to the savings and found you save 56 percent on an annual plan when compared to the month and ones the plan alright let's wrap things up the word to remember with Wix is freedom it's got an unstructured editor that lets you drag anything anywhere unfortunately the unstructured editor also creates some challenges but if you can live with those challenges you're probably going to love wix's flexibility and features my reviews are supported by affiliate Commission's so if you'd like to try what you can find a link to it in the video description below thanks for watching and good luck building wars .

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The word to remember with Wix is freedom. Wix is all about freedom.

For example, Wix's editor is an unstructured editor— which means you can drag any element, anywhere on a page. This is different from website builders like Squarespace, which have a more constrained, structured editor.

Another example of freedom is the amount of features and elements Wix gives the user. They include a huge selection of elements to choose from— different navigation elements, menus, boxes, buttons and more.

Wix also has an App Market with over 300 apps that bring additional elements and integrations with other software companies. That's always handy to have.

Wix also has a wide selection of themes— over 500— though the quality can be inconsistent. Some themes are clean and modern and others feel outdated.



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