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what's up gods computer on me of Gilbert here and in today's video I'm going to show you how to add comments to your Wix website this could be adding comments on a blog on a page where you're looking for feedback on just a product page anything like that you could add comments before we get into that guys is coming down to crunch time before I send out this exclusive email to my email list only for Wix my website comm if you want to learn how to build a successful website from scratch to finish here in Wix I'm going to teach you all the waste knowledge to be able to do so and really if you follow the course accordingly you should be able to build a website in a week or less depending on how quickly you work and how well you develop your knowledge on this course but my goal here is to teach you how to be successful always and teach you everything you need to know to do that so Wix my website comm link in the description below and go sign up for that email list and one last thing before we get into this video this week of uploads is going to be a little bit sporadic I do have to get surgery tomorrow morning so I will know for sure three days I'll be down probably not making videos so don't expect any Wix tutorials early on next week just because I'll probably be in a lot of pain and it's requested by the doctor that I did take it easy and just lay down all day so I just wanted to let you guys know that in case you're wondering why I don't upload very much next week but now let me show you how to add comments to your which website they're simply going to go into app market and then well you could either type in comments up here but in this template it has it right here but I'll show you typing it in you'll type in comments you'll see comments right here you'll click that once you click that you'll click add the site and then you'll click add app once you add app it says right here double click for complete setup once we double click we'll see right here main man is comment we'll get into that in just a second but settings show in your settings right here you could choose what language your comments are in what to display so when you display the main title emojis of star rating all of these a website input field social media sharing all these things you can implement it you do that to your website's needs whatever you're looking for next email notification so in order for you to do this you have to have the upgraded app but you can get notifications every time you get a comment here on your website personally I mean is it worth operating that's up to you if you want to know when you get comments on certain things upgrade the app but if you don't then it's no big deal leave that unchecked but then you would simply put your email address in and so then every time comments approve you could get notified or notify other users about replies so again that is an upgraded feature next you keep comment settings so you can choose how many comments are displayed on each webpage right here the default ten you can change that number to whatever you like next you could have a like button for comment so people can like the comment you could enable comment reply so if a comment for it in people could reply to that comment and then you could also enable image attachments so people could attach an image to their comment so maybe if you have a product this would be nice to have so people could upload an image of how it looks or how it turned out and leave a nice message or hopefully a nice message and yeah so that's pretty cool and then how do users authorize so you could either have them authorize with their email or connect with social media which means in order for them to comment they'll have to like it technically be authorized but it's kind of like signing in but they would either use your email or social media and that that will pop up when they go to leave a comment so that's the settings next is the design again you guys know this all these design board or comments text fonts sizes all that is customized to your needs so whatever your website looks like whatever you need to customize the look and feel to be you do that so then that's for you guys and then support that's just app support we're going to go into main and then this is where you actually manage comments so on my website right here for this I don't have any comments right now but this will actually open you up into a new page and you can see up here this is important to note moderate and screen your comments so for you to actually moderate them and clean them you're gonna have to upgrade in order to do so it's four ninety-five a month now with this you get unlimited comments versus ten comments and by the way it is you do get ten comments per ten like three comments that you get per free app so this app only allows you ten free comments unless you upgrade next you could delete the comments you don't want or approve new comments so right now anybody could just comment whatever they want and you don't really have the ability to delete unwanted comments you can control the colors and design in the comments which you kind of already can do and you can get I guess that instant email notifications for new comments so every time you come that happens you'll get an email notification now with this being said after reviewing this and I wanted to wait to tell you guys this but after reviewing this and you guys decide this for you but if it was my opinion I would probably spend the 495 a month if comments are completely necessary on your website and will help social activity in all that I would probably spend the 495 a month and up credit if you don't need that then don't spend it right here you see this you can have a word blacklist what this means is if any of these words are mentioned in a comment that comment or that word will automatically be blocked by the app so for instance I know this could be a little awkward and odd sometimes but you're probably if you don't want people to be using curse words in here or sexual innuendo or anything like that that you just really don't want on your way say and blast it all over you're going to want to type all of those words into here like I said sometimes this could be a little odd or awkward because you're typing in words that you probably normally don't type in a business just everyday but this is your one-time dab a little bit of fun with Pat and type those words into here and you can see one word slash phrase per line so you just type your word in hit hit the combo button and just keep putting them in so that's up to you you choose what word you want blacklisted maybe you don't want any blacklisted it's completely up to you but guys is that simple to add comment earlier which website helps boost your social activity helps to enable people to kind of see how well your product or service is it's a good thing overall if this video helped you guys out please leave a like down below if you have any questions at all comments and I'm more than happy to help you out doesn't even have to be just about comments anything which I'm here to help you and finally subscribe to me here on computer unbe of Gilbert and I love to grow with you guys and part of that growth is which my website calm my new course link in the description below guys literally and when I tell you it's crunch time if you have not got on this email list yet you're gonna want to because the first 10 people to enroll in this course will get something very valuable that you will not want to miss and I'm here to teach you guys how to gain more which knowledge and just know how to use which overall and build the website you've been urging for so if you guys are interested in that go ahead and sign up other than that guys thank you again for spending a couple minutes with me and I hope to be back very soon hopefully the surgery doesn't put me down for too long and I'll see you as soon as I get back thank you guys for watching .

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Wix Course-
Adding comments to your Wix website is easier than ever to do with the Comments app on the Wix App Marketplace. Allowing comments on your website gives you more social activity and can boost your credibility. In addition, it may even advance your referral business.
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-Wix My Website Course Overview
-Adding Wix Comments App
-Managing the comments settings
-Creating the comments design
-Managing your comments
-Creating a word blacklist
-Wix My Website Course Conclusion
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