Design Outside the Box: Wix.com at the Awwwards Conference in Berlin


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and hi thank you thank you right hope you had a nice break so welcome back I've got two more amazing talks first up we've got Hagee Kaufman Eddie's at EOS and Numair Hoffman from Wix they're from Wix calm actually I love these guys okay so I did a talk at wix.com in tel-aviv last year and I ended up getting pissed in the sea on a unicorn it was amazing so yeah I love these guys an inflatable unicorn by the way not a real unicorn so yeah they're from Wix calm the largest multidisciplinary in-house design studio in Israel with over 120 designers we have hagit Kaufman their head of design designer Namah Hoffman and marketing designer it is RTS welcome to the stage Wix Wow hi everyone I'm Hoggett I'm the VP design of wix.com I've been part of weeks for the past ten years leading an in-out studio of 170 designers already since we wrote the text before the studio covers all layers of weeks from the product UI and packaging through the marketing companions and the content itself itself forgive our users as a starting point for their needs I'm super excited to be here today talking to this amazing crowd about the one thing I love the most and it's web design but before we start I want to take two minutes of our time talking about templates because it's really pain point well for that I want to take you back seven years ago when we launched our first HTML editor back then HTML was a real need but couldn't do much yet we found out there were many business owners that needed simple websites and they wanted to do them themselves well we all know what happens when a client tries to do anything themselves right so we push the simple design to the highest level possible creating templates that was so straightforward and easy to understand that even the client couldn't prune them behind me now you can see some of those templates all been designed and created using the Wix editor by the Wix designers that are by the way just like you and me passionate for trends for high-end design and for breaking the rules the only world that could not break in this process is keeping it as simple as possible to use them to understand so this is a real creative conflict look 48-thousand website are being created by the Wix editor by the business owner every day that's a lot so obviously we care about those users there are the Cova business and the other reason why we started the first place but designers we don't need templates we don't want to live in a box what we do need is a blank page to start with and what we want is to create new things to invent new layouts to bring our vision to life and this what happens when you don't have to bend your design to the rules when you could do whatever you want these websites are all are also been created by the Wix designers using the Wix editor you want to see some more so in the end that's what I'm trying to say is this now you can really own your design from start to finish without having to depend on anyone else who breaks your design or ignores your spacing without having to force your design into a template now that I took it off my chest we can move forward to talk about Web Design and for that I asked two of my lay designers to come here today and I gave them a challenge create the most crazy and amazing website in 14 days starting from blank no closed brief no design restrictions and no developers now here they are now – I can't believe oh my god I'm so happy to be here my name is Nam I lead to product design team in the Wix editor and my name is Aris and I'm a boring designer for weeks and I want to start by saying I know it's gonna sound corny and I know that every talker start their talk by saying how excited he is but seriously this stage I mean come on look at you guys it reminds me of the first day that you know they told me that we're going to do this awards thing you see in which the studio there are over 170 top class designers seriously I mean have you just called us lead designers but we're all the same level in the level of talent in which the studio is crazy so when I first heard that I was picked I felt like special and I felt like someone just see something in me that maybe I wasn't aware of some hidden in potential that's why they picked me that's why they picked me for this important mission you know maybe I need to fulfill my destiny use my powers my design powers I can be like the chosen one maybe I am the chosen one maybe I can be a hero like a superhero of web design like Batman you know with a mouse and when I see my name in the sky when they need be oh my god focus it's not about you it's actually not about us it's about something bigger than that I mean it's about art science this crowd they want to see something new something fresh something they've never seen before do you understand it's the of words okay I'm sorry you're right always so 14 days to make a crazy website super crazy website that will make her get proud and without the use of any developer how do you even stop of course we start with the grand kick-off Oh kickoffs I love kickoffs pickups are the days when you come to work late you send bunch of like calendar invites and then you go on to lunch go boom lunch and then you go home I mean come on I know it's there it's their worlds but let's keep it honest nobody does on kickoff days yeah so after the kickoff we needed to do a little retrospective so we started brainstorming about everything that we did in the studio in the past few years and we talked about a lot of stuff right I mean we talked about the brougt the broadcast department in the marketing department the print the brand our big projects the Super Bowl the Wix code the playground and soon our brainstorm turned into a shitstorm because you see once your creative mind is not that doesn't have any boundaries or limitations you're surrounded by white canvas you just go lost because every thought is a good four blue thought or a bad thought and ideas keeps taking you to another idea leave you get lost and you keep on pitching ideas without knowing which one of those ideas will be worth spending you the time that you don't have and once you keep doing it for a whole day that's when your mind starts eventually to malfunction it's like what we call pitching glitching yeah and we took those glitching and we took all these distorted elements and we combined them into a new web composition that delivers that feeling yep so the day after we encountered a new obstacle have you ever noticed how time-consuming those small talks in the hallway in the office in the kitchen talks might be I mean oh my god it's like we couldn't even complete one straight hour of pure start without anybody just coming guys can I suggest something was so annoying we just had to leave the office we had to go somewhere else so that's when we went shopping and by shopping I mean we went to a special place in downtown Tel Aviv and I don't know if you know Tel Aviv or downtown Tel Aviv but it's basically like you know Aliexpress who hears no Aliexpress same thing but on the street it's really cool it has tons of toys and tons of stupid things that you don't really need and we just went and bought tons of that just moved us by its material or the colour or just the thought of what new things we could create using these things now at that point we still had no idea what kind of website we want to create although all we knew was we wanted to make something different this time so instead of just sitting and waiting for the perfect idea to come we decided to just just ditch the brief for a second go and have fun and being get stupid like the stupid things we bought yesterday and that was great we actually had fun yeah but we did know that we wanted to use a lot of different kinds of media in a very unique layout so we just placed a lot of cameras and a lot of tripods inside the playground that we created and just document it ourselves in order to use it yep this is where we first started having fun when we first created for the sake of creation and you see once you go fun driven instead of brave driven this is where you let love inside your system of what you're doing you love every second of it it's like it's like in the movies when you suddenly hear the music and love you know enters the system and you love you every meaningless creation you love we loved it yeah oh it was such a beautiful day I mean will last the entire day it was like a beautiful era in our two weeks relationship yeah but you know once you let someone inside your heart and your design you Lana mean into a very like a personal place like it gets access to like your nerve system and once a person gets an access to such a delicate place you know enjoy it go around and touch some Street and you know might break something on the way yeah you know after every honeymoon comes the real marriage right and you know those kind of days when your partner is just saying all the right things to get on your nerves you're like you know you feel the tension building up with it through the day it's like whatever she says it's like drives you nice you're on the edge like a minute like a second from a train wreck and it's like you know you feel it you feel the tension yeah we just fought about everything everything we couldn't agree about nothing about styles about fonts about visuals about colors nothing nothing he couldn't understand nothing it was such a horrible day you know at some point I know lots of believe me some nasty came out of our mouths that day but at some point it went personal and once you go personal this is when you know you just crossed the line yeah and at that point you get to the worst day of a project life-cycle the day of the grain meltdown you must know that feeling it's like it's like the opposite of professional you just know you up and you don't know how to get up again and you don't want to go to work today and you don't want to show your face and you mad at everything and everything and why did I agree to take this challenge yeah after you feel so shitty you have no hope but the thing is that once you go to that point the point of the horrible meltdown that's the point that you can suddenly just break through yep you see the day after I will meltdown motional meltdown we suddenly realized that our constant search for the ultimate website the one that you know will impress you guys and let her get fouled and the best website ever and the most sophisticated one the constant search for this for our story was the story I mean by then by that day minima went through so many emotional phases I'm sure you've all felt them before I mean we went through super excitement to like laziness and confusion and destruction and stupidity and love and anger and regret we were the characters and that was the story yeah and it only took us a few hours because we're not developers and a few lines of JavaScript using weeks code we were able to deliver that feeling in an interactive way yep and that was the first time that we actually started walking as a team right yeah power company we're back assembling stuff and walking back to back yeah and at that point I walk was over and we just sat down and looked at what we just created and we doubted everything because you see you always forget about the last stage the last boss to beat in the disc game of creation which is the self-doubt right I mean yeah and you don't know if you're going to be an inspiration to the crowd or you're just going to make a fool of yourself so at that point you know all you have to do is trust your intuition and by intuition I mean the address of two days ago the you Rica moment terrorism I mean it's only two days since do you like a moment but he was the guy that had no doubts he was the guy that you know knew that this is what we looked for and convinced naama on the spot he had no doubts he was the dreamer he was the Batman with the mouse and you know I was the Sun the same person so this is this is intuition trust your intuition yeah so we just hate to have to go out and just take a big breath so this is Tel Aviv's famous bitch wixoss studios are located right on top of that bitch so on that day we decided that this is it we're happy with what we created no turning back we're just going to leave it all behind us and go and sit on the sand and watch some camels woman's in in the ocean and this is where our website story ends standing in front of you guys reminds us the first day that we were handed with this challenge and all of those feelings we've shared since that day and right now the feeling is again over exciting and that means that our creative circle is closed yeah and I think that the most important thing that we've learned is that starting from scratch is not that easiest at first but it does have the best ending thank you very much guys our website is live and you can also visit our blog hi on design will be here for the rest of the conference please come and chat with us thank you very much .

Video Discription

Hagit Kaufman, VP Design & Brand for Wix.com, at the Awwwards Conference in Berlin shares insights about Wix’s in-house Studio & the strenuous, yet essential, creative design process. Alongside her, Na’ama & Erez, two of our leading designers, reveal the true story of how they created an amazing website from scratch. Using a blank canvas in the Wix Editor, the two exemplify how designers really can own their designs from A to Z without being constricted by any template elements.


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