Siteground Review: GrowBig Plan & How many Wordpress site you can host?


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you want to know how many website can be hosted in the site grow grow big unlimited domain hosting plan because the share hosting is with limited storage 20 gigabyte and also the iostream is set to 300,000 these are the two physical limitations for your hosting services although the website is showing you can host multiple website and up to 20 GB there's no clear statement on how many website you get to host from my actual experience the amount of best I right now running at my account is a 20 website and I still have space to host a few more the limitation that I have cheat brittany is the inode music i noticed about it 183 thousand in news and there's about less than 120 thousand available that means i have already used up over 60% of my users capacity and the next thing will be this space I have quite low this is recommending if MGB remaining and only concern will be this one that I not main content considering right now I'm having about 20 website writing by calculation I will be able to host another 10 website there will be the limit and if you are asking how many WordPress website you can host in the site ground grow big this is the plain 595 hosting plan how many versa you can post in here my answer to you will be will be WordPress website and if that is the answer you looking for you can click the like button to support my channel SL and by the way on my video are x3 you can support my channel by clicking the light and also subscribe to my channel if you are signing up with sacrum you can use the promotion link it will give you some special discount cells and once again thanks for watching .

Video Discription

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Quick video on Siteground Growbig hosting plan and review. How many Wordpress site you can host in here? The answer is 30. Based on my actual hosting experience and the amount of storage space used and inodes used.

From my Siteground cPanel, you can see I am using 4.8 GB disk space and the inode usage is already over 60% out of the maximum 300,000 limit. That is the max amount of files you can host in Siteground Growbig plan. These two are the physical hardware limitation that allows me to host up to 30 Wordpress blog in my hosting account.

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