How to Start a Blog with Siteground


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hi this is Trisha from blogger Wacom today I'm going to walk you through how to start a blog with site grant the first step in the process is you're going to choose a hosting plan with site ground so go ahead and go to site ground com sycron offers a couple of tiers of hosting options they've got their startup plan with one website they've got their grow big plan where you can host multiple websites they have some premium features that they offer and then go geek in my case I chose to go with the grow big plan it was important to me to have those premium features including support speed security and then I really wanted the ability to host more than one website so that was the big deciding factor when I chose to go with the grow big plan the next step in this process is going to register your domain name so go ahead and type in the domain name that you would like to register and then domain registration for a year is 1495 through SiteGround if you already have a domain name you can definitely click on the I already have a domain name and then go ahead and proceed and the next step in this process is you're going to review and complete your order so I'm they're going to ask for some personal information including your email password first name last name your company name is applicable your address phone number and then payment informations all pretty standard and then a purchase information so you've already specified the plan that you want and then you have option to pick the time period how long you want to sign up for in the drop-down menu under period the options that they'll give you would be a one-month trial twelve months 24 months and 36 months so site grant offers kind of their introductory price in this case it was the 595 per month regularly it would be 1495 ferment so it definitely jumps up a little bit after kind of that introductory price so if you have the budget for it might be a good idea to pick the 36 months to kind of lock in that price for for three years if you have that option for sure they also offer a couple of extra services you should can should consider so if you're registering the domain name like you said that's 1495 per year and then domain privacy you should definitely consider this option when you have a domain name there's either lady to look up who owns domain so it can include your personal information your address and so it's a good idea to have a domain privacy just to kind of protect yourself and then through SiteGround you get the free SSL certificate for a year and then they offer also offer hack alert monitoring where they'll kind of scan your website once a week and then it will let you know whether it's been hacked or there's been any malicious code put on to the website and then once you through that process you're going to check the confirmation of your order and verify your domain name so you're going to receive a couple of emails you'll get a Selzer see an order confirmation and then you'll get a domain service notice where it will provide you with a link where you will verify your domain registration and then the next step in this process will be actually installing WordPress so go ahead and log into the site ground customer area using the username and password you created on the main home page you're going to look for the link on the right get your new site up and running set up in two minutes and go ahead and click on the site ground account setup wizard will help you through the process so when you're going to get started you can either check you want to start a new website transfer an existing website or just click I don't need help I know what I'm doing for the sake of this tutorial we're going to start a new website and then it wants you to determine your website preferences so indicate what type of website do you need is it going to be a personal blog is it a business or online shop a forum a wiki website non-profit educational or other and then it wants to know what software you are going to use up again for the sake of this tutorial we're going to go with WordPress and then software installation so you're going to choose your login details for WordPress this includes your admin email username and password so a suggestion for the username do not make it admin so that's very very common username by default and so it's very for security purposes it's a very good idea not to have an admin username so come up with something unique and then definitely pick a strong password and then with SiteGround you're given the option to choose a web design template theme for your blog if we seen for your blog so you can kind of scroll through as to what they have to offer click get template if you find one that you like and then go ahead and submit and then you'll give a get a prompt that congratulations you've successfully completed your account and then you'll get an email with your email sent to you with your relevant login information and so what's next the next step in the process would be to actually log in and set up your WordPress settings and if you are just registering the domain name for the first time with this process then I recommend Wayne at 24 hours after before you actually try to log into your WordPress it does take a little bit to get the domain name just kind of populated and good to go so it is a recommended thing to wait 24 hours before you log in and so I definitely check out more tutorials about WordPress blogging tips from blogger Wacom .

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How to Start a Blog with Siteground |

Check out this step by step tutorial on how to start a blog with Siteground. In this video you will be taken through the process of choosing your hosting plan, registering a domain name and learn how to install Wordpress for your website.



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