How to Set Up SiteGround Hosting and Install WordPress on SiteGround’s New User Interface


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Σ Sigma Hosting is mainly a video tutorial website that make it easier for you to search within the transcript of videos for solutions of problems you might face during your journey in dealing with different webhosting companies. So, we are very sorry if the text is not well organized and we may work on it in the future but for now we hope you get the benefit mainly from the video then you may need to have a look on the transcript. Thanks for your understanding 🙂

if you are ready to set up hosting for your WordPress website on SiteGround you came to the right video to get to the site ground I'm going to click the link in the video description this is one way that you can thank me for making this free tutorial I paused the video real quick so I could be completely transparent about my link to site ground whether or not you click the link you will get the exact same service and price to site ground so if you just want to thank me for making this tutorial you can click my link or if you just want to go directly to site ground it'll be the same service in price either way and they've changed this a little to where if you look at the three options they're kind of all the same when you click on them so whether you're doing a shop or web hosting or WordPress hosting it's it's all the same price so I'm just gonna go ahead and choose WordPress hosting and you'll see if you have one business website you'll want to start with this one you can always upgrade and if you have aspirations of hosting several websites you'll probably start with this one and upgrade if you get a lot of traffic so I'll get this cheapest one now I'm going to start a new website so I'm going to do a new domain and you'll see I'm just putting in a random domain here because I know SiteGround has a 30-day guarantee where I can just get a refund so that's another reason why you should just go this route if it's not for you you can always just get your that before your 30 days is up you can just get your money back so I'll get proceed and now I'm going to fill out the information about me and you'll notice here the email and password is the login information that you're going to use to log into SiteGround this is not your wordpress login this is your site ground login so you'll have to save two logins for this tutorial one of them being site ground where you pay your bill and stuff like that and the other one is your WordPress login that will set up later okay you can see I'm further down in the form now I have all the information here that I'm purchasing I'm gonna go ahead and check this domain privacy and I'm just gonna leave this one alone so the total is 75 bucks that's about 6 bucks a month pretty good to start out for the first year I checked the boxes and pay now yeah keep in mind if you want to move your domain your dot-com or whatever you got to a different place after this year it'll save you some money you can go to my site to see how to do that but anyway we're gonna proceed to the customer area this is the new and improved customer area for SiteGround we're just going to create a site set up site you can see here here all your information up here but we're going to start a new website and we're just going to create WordPress site and this is the login and password that you make to log into your WordPress site that I was talking about so I'll fill that out okay you know that I've put in my email and password that I'm going to use it suggests this I'm just going to skip that and now we're installing WordPress alright installation was a success and you don't need to point your domain because SiteGround took care of that for us but for now let's go to the right button go to site tools okay under site tools you see you have these four pin tools as the default to get more site tools you hit this pencil here and you can browse and see the tools that you can display and use on that page I'm just gonna leave them as is if you're interested in SSL encryption settings getting your padlock set up right for Elementor I did a tutorial video on that so check that out in the comments to go back to your main page just go to my account and you'll see before we log in to our site I just want to show you how to get to those site tools under this tab web sites this is where your website will appear and this is the site tools button here that we were just at from this screen we can log-in to our WordPress site if you just set up hosting you'll probably have to use this link right here because it takes about 24 or 48 hours before you can type the address directly into the address bar so on a day you'll be able to type it directly into your browser but that takes time to propagate throughout the server's so if we just use this link here that'll take us to our site and we have the default WordPress installation there's nothing here which is fine now we're just going to go ahead and login to our WordPress site so at the end of the domain click slash WP – login dot PHP that's WP – login dot PHP at the end of your domain and you'll see you get a login box okay once you get your WordPress login which is your email and password go ahead and login to your site and this is the dashboard this is where all of your settings live for your WordPress site and that wraps up this portion of the tutorial if you're interested in making the rest of the site I'll leave the link in the video description .

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Hosting Here:
Tutorial For Installing 49 Free Website Templates Here:

SiteGround has a new user interface! This tutorial video will walk you through how to get hosting with SiteGround, and how to install WordPress on a new website. It will also show you step by step how to log in for the first time.



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