How To Set Up A SSL Certificate At SiteGround: How to Start a Blog


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I'm now going to show you how to set up the SSL Certificates I'm doing this for a new site that the process is quite similar for an existing site except for if it is existing you're going to have to do a lot more stuff just to make sure that your website is fully converted but for a new site it's really quite straightforward so we're in site crown now we need to just go to the cPanel so you see this button here okay so I guess the cPanel and basically the first step is just to install the certificate and then it's like available what we need to make sure our website uses it which is the second step so the beer let's encrypt certificate here somewhere okay so let's encrypt okay so we just need to install that press install the default information is correct okay so that's installed now we're going to set the redirected so basically say my website example if someone goes to view from the quad comm that they go to the HTTPS version of it so we need to sort of redirect them so wherever they go on the website they end up at that HTTPS version of the page so we go back to the home in cPanel okay so we go down to the file manager next we want to make sure we can see hidden files now looking for HT access to this firm okay now we want to edit it to edit it now we want to copy and paste some code in here at the first line that will be below you can just copy and paste it don't follow after remember this now that should redirect any version of the page like any page they go to on your website they don't use HTTP this should take them to the right version say so that's that son now there's one more thing that you should do if you go to your website if you already had it open like I do you're going to need to enter your login details again can I just go to settings just put the F in here again it's going to make you log in again but it should be all set now .

Video Discription

A simple step by step guide on how to set up an SSL certificate in WordPress with SiteGround.

This demonstration shows the installation of an SSL certificate on a WordPress blog hosted by SiteGround. I cover how to:

• Install the certificate
• Set up redirects from HTTP to HTTPS

This video is part of my guide on how to start a blog or niche site. You can read more including full instructions here:




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