How to Register a Domain and Hosting Using Siteground.Com?


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hello and welcome to wpforms tutorial I will show how to purchase domain and hosting from SiteGround dot-com to develop a website to create any type of website we need domain and hosting in simple words domain is the name of your website and hosting is the storage system that contains all of your data and information we are using SiteGround service to register our domain and hosting because of its superfast hosting service security and first class customer service you can register a new domain or you can add your existing domain to SiteGround hosting i am registering new domain and hosting to show you everything from the scratch once you get the right domain name available you need to fill all the necessary information below to create your side grands account I suggest you to maintain only one account and provide all correct information this will help you verify your site and account in case of any suspension or account disabled problem after all the basic setup you will able to enter in your hosting cPanel this is the control panel of your website from where you will able to maintain your website files you can easily upload delete or maintain all of your website data I added the site ground link in the video description you can use the link to register your Sat Ground account thanks for watching please visit WP Pathfinder comm to get more website development tutorials .

Video Discription

How to Purchase a Domain and Hosting Using Siteground.Com?


Siteground is a very popular domain hosting provider where you can easily purchase a domain name including hosting and other necessary services. I personally use Siteground to register most of my hosting packages.

Siteground cupon codes helps to purchase domain and hosting at affordable prices. You can watch this tutorial to learn and setup your website easily.

People often search domain hosting provider to purchase domain and hosting. Siteground is one of my favorite domain hosting provider.

Siteground also sells affordable price server, IP, reseller hosting, cloud hosting and more. You can visit siteground website to register your account.

What is Domain & Hosting? 00:15
Domain Registration 00:40
Hosting Basic Setup: 01:30
Manage Hosting: 02:00
Siteground cPanel Introduction: 02:15

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