Namecheap – Creating A records and CNAME records in Advanced DNS section 2016


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all right so I created this new domain here called best rep report dot review and I want to create an a record in the cname to point back to my local analyzer site so I will come over here click on manage and then click on advanced DNS name cheap put in a couple defaults for us you'll notice that under hosts they're using ww for the cname and they're using an @ sign for the the URL redirect and currently the TTL is set to 30 minutes we're going to be changing that also but the TTL means that that's how long it takes for the dns checkers to review and refresh your sites alright so looks like maybe I can't delete these records here until I have new ones to replace them so I'm going to click on add new record I'm going to add an a record for the host use the @ sign and for the IP address I will get that from my vendor or whoever I want to use in this case I got it from local analyzer and then for the TTL time I'll change this to 5 minutes and then I'll add a new record and I'll call this the cname record and the host is going to be W W target will be my subdomain at local analyzer which is the new pizzazz dot rep greater calm and we'll set this for five minutes and click here save all changes and now let's see if we can delete this delete this okay so that was the problem your core it looks like you could not delete those until you replace them with something else so I have an a record now with the host of at sign and the IP address pointing back to local analyzer and my cname record is host WW and that's going to my sub domain of video pizzazz rep greater calm and that's how you would set your a record and cname up with inside of Namecheap I hope you found that interesting and we'll see in the next video bye for now .

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– Namecheap – Creating A records and CNAME records in Advanced DNS section 2016

Learn how to create A records and CNAME records by editing the Advanced DNS settings in NameCheap.

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