How to register a domain and private email. (Namecheap)


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all right on this video I'm gonna walk you through how to register your custom domain and set up a private email for that custom domain so we're using Namecheap to setup our custom domain and when you arrive on this page you're gonna search your domain right here in this window so I'm gonna put a go crypto XCOM and then you click on this search icon here and it'll say if it's available or not available it's not available you'll have to come up with obviously another domain so this one is go crypto XCOM say here so it this is available and see it's normally 1069 a year but 888 a year what I'm going to do is I'm going to add this domain to a cart you can do this here or right here with this com click on that shopping cart yep so after you make that selection then you're going to view cart and then you can see that this domain registration is for a year now to set up your private email you're going to scroll down just a bit here to right where it says get two months free private email so you're going to click here we're gonna add this private email to your to our order so you see here on the selection you get admin at whatever domain you select so mine is go crypto XCOM but we want to add an email here with your name so this will be in your name whatever your domain is right so this will be for example Gary net go crypto XCOM so this is the email that we want to use setup and purchase with our custom domain then you just go ahead and add to cart with what we want to make sure though is that and we'll click here that we're getting the two months free so we're gonna click on add to cart and we're going to see what we have here so we have the domain registration and yes private email update the first two months are free so we want to make sure that two months is selected not one or two years go ahead and keep that at 2 and then you go ahead and confirm your order and you'll make your payment so that's it on how to purchase or register your custom domain on Namecheap and set up your private email the keys again is to get your domain registration for a year and set up a private email with your name in front of your domain and make sure that the time frame is two months so you get the first two months free go ahead and confirm your order and make your payment alright that's it for setting up registering your domain and your private email if you have any questions and reach me at Garin GA rren i go crypto to the next video make it a great day .

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