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now let's get down to real business finding your domain now like I said in the earlier video they're basically two types of it demeans expiring and expand to means let's talk about the expired domain now for expired domain it's pretty easy to get them once you have decided and you've done all the research you check the archive page you checked its authority in more than majestic you've looked at how many IP addresses linked into the daemon you check the uncle text for spam you access all visit domain and its content relevant to my business or money site you have gone through the citation on the trust flow of the site to make sure that all the metrics are good you've looked at the backlink most importantly to see and to make sure that you have most funny content and spammy backlinks and you're sure of this domain name the next thing to do is to purchase your name night on expired domain you can go to any registrar and buy this domain name I love Namecheap I also use GoDaddy follow my fav'rite and a host of other registrar's Bobby you should know that some registrar's are cheaper to register some domain extensions while others are more expensive now for example Namecheap offers privacy domain privacy I think it's free of charge you offer that limit is an amazing offer what you should not do not buy all your domain names from one registra remember what I taught you Ella we are trying to mimic the natural systems of the architecture of the web it is not possible for all the backlinks and all the domains linking to the public website to all be ready start by one registra now that's fishy the same thing goes for your hosting so once you've decided to try and vary the registrar that you ready start us bad that means riff now for the expiring domains these are domains I have expired but I option if it is GoDaddy once you place your bead on the auction and the auction starts you need to watch closely now I always advise to place your bead at the final view the final minutes of the auction the reason is this will help you see what other buyers are doing and come in at the very last minute when you feel very comfortable I've done this several II and this works for me once you have won the auction GoDaddy then sentient email to confirm and to thank you and then transfer them into your homes now advice that you have several accounts with this ready struts so even if you have a good at the account you have like two or three do not register all your domains all your good re domain in one good at the account reason being we want the emails to be different we also want the personal details to be different now the same thing goes for name jet and snap names and Seto I'll give an example of an image jet now this is the meaning of Inanna analysing being amber amber Yocum as you can see now there are no Beach yeah no Beach right now on this domain name so you can actually place a minimum bid of $60 when dealing with named jets or snap names or 7 please do not enter do not make your initial bid above 69 or $70 make it 69 or 70 and place your bid after everybody has placed the ADIZ name yet then fix a date for an auction between all the party that I've placed a bid for that particular domain name on this set date all parties must be online and then the auction start the countdown begins and each party begins to place their big silly winner emerges within the time frame that means it's awful now I have a golden tip here once you have identified a domain like this one I have chosen to buy and you see that this domain let's say for example you have about 4 days left for this domain to expire on ninjas do not place your bead the moment you see the domain name give it is you are before this name expires what should wash it place your bead here your example name judge would ask you to log on to your account and then you can see how many days you have left for this particular domain name let me go back here you can see how many days you have less so do not click it D you can also see how many days you have left on don't once you pick them in from domkop you can see there I'll show you another example okay this one actually suited this domain is going to closing in one day to our right now it does not have any big big history so you have no competition minimum bid is $39 so what you should do again is make sure that you do not place your B only place your be when the closing time is about one our reason being that once you place your beat other be that notice the domain at the top of your name jam then get website and then begin to place that won't be seeing that they had probably lost an opportunity to find the domain in the first place so only place your b1 ah before the expiry time same goes for snap names same goes for settle once the domain name once you've won the auction these websites will ask you that said Oh uninjured us will ask you to provide do we tell you what registrar the domain name is with and we ask you to that provide your login for that site or create a new account without calamity struck my advice is that you always always do your best to create a new email address if you can't and new details parody straw for each story for each domain name this makes it look more natural in the eyes of Google remember that Google also is a domain registrar the other domain registrar registration service that makes them a top-level registrar and they can see all details about domains registered all over the world you know who already studied what time you ready studied and what intelligent study ready start with .

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Learn How to Buy a Domain at Auction – Godaddy | Namecheap | Sedo



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