How to Connect Domain Name in Godaddy with Web Hosting in Ipage


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anything's me and welcome to my channel my smart I support and do easy how it we connect your moment provider to your hosting provider okay this let's make a case study so you will be understand well okay guys you know this is the GoDaddy okay here is the domain name is pawel stayed calm and also same time I am using I pitch you know this is also another roster side so the problem is I only purchase two men new GoDaddy and my all the hostel is going them on iPads so my M first I have to connect the domain I feel this this is the domain Volstead once you click this Volstead is it's only coming the GoDaddy advertisement face okay once I click this domain name because there is no name server was updated yesterday okay so what we'll do we have to update the name server to connect this domain name – this is austere such how will we do it first guys you can visit your domain then clicking here in border and say managed DNS click on it once you click you can be see in lower there is one name somewhere of debt here you can be update okay so what will be opted in here so this domain will be connected I guess hostage side this in I page once you login in iPads go to the domain Sentra okay here is the government central I already click in here and I am in the domain central face they are all strain of so on you can be seen at the exist domain okay so are the existing dual means you already in the domain name and you have to add on the hostile side I pass the click our existing domain name in domain Center on iPads so now we are their domain what if the domain name a built-in are in here and click on Earth once you hard it's showing now the names of Rodriguez okay this is the name server to connect but in the Nelson for ns1 I paste command nh-2 i Pistor copied or I copy one from here and go to your GoDaddy here is the name server update changes and the custom then enter the name server one and also the name server to and save it now your domain now the domain this domain is connected with IPS domain Center okay in this video you'll learn how to connect the domain name using the DNS management from one hostile site to another one hostile site guys this is a number of video going on in WordPress if you like this video please subscribe me and if you have some doubt you can recommend us okay and if your time you can be shared to the video your friends who really looking to learn about WordPress those friends you can be share it till then good bye bye bye .

Video Discription

How to connect domain name with web hosting? If you wanted to know how to connect your domain to hosting then this tutorial is for you watch this video till end and you will come to know how to configure a Domain with Web Hosting Server. In this Video I will setup a domain in godaddy and hosting which i get from Ipage. So lets learn how to link domain with hosting.

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