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hey everyone I just wanted to do a quick video review of inter server they are a hosting company if you're not familiar with them I have been using them for about the past six or seven months and I just want to make a quick video on my thoughts of them compared to other hosting companies that I've used in the past and I've used a variety of different companies for this review I kind of wanted to keep it basic and just touch three main points which are going to be price their customer support and the quality of the product I think these are kind of the three most important criteria and the three criteria that I always use when judging a product so let's go ahead and get started so for price they are very very price competitive here we are on the homepage of the website right now there are the time of this video they're doing a one penny first month offer which is pretty sweet and they also have a VPS special starting at six dollars a month and a dedicated server special starting at 50 bucks a month let's see that has one gigabyte RAM memory and then 250 gigs of hard drive which is a good deal looking at you know like their cloud servers just let this puppy load for a second you know so we can see all the different price points they have here they are very competitive in their prices if you do compare them to other you know major hosting companies they are you know pretty much as competitive as guess which is awesome so as far as price goes I would give them like a 9 out of 10 because you know if you do there are companies that offer cheaper price points however with those companies you're going to be sacrificing a lot of quality and just a lot of like customer support which are two things is that already mentioned that I find very important and you know I mean geez prices starting at six dollars a month I mean he really get much cheaper than that so yeah I definitely recommend them on price as far as customer support these guys have great customer support I'm not a very technically savvy person so having good customer support is very important to me and these guys do a great job of that they do is you can see down here hopefully this is in the video they have twenty four seven support and here's their phone number so twenty four seven support is really a must have for me because the last thing you want is to have an issue arise on like a friday night and then you're stuck waiting until monday morning to get it resolved which is just you know really isn't acceptable in my point of view so having twenty four seven support is awesome having a phone number that you can call and actually speak to like a real human being awesome you know they also do live chat and support tickets so whichever way you want to contact support phone number live chat or email you can do that their support team is knowledgeable to they actually know what they're doing they're not like just a bunch of like I don't know trained monkeys like sitting behind a computer they'll actually be able to help you resolve your issues no offense to anyone watching this video if you are a trained monkey deal with it and kind of on to the last criteria that I like to use is the quality of the product so yeah I've been using them for like six or seven months and I haven't had a single issue with it they're up time has been great speed has been great everything's been working out really really well it's definitely you know right up there with all the other big companies so yeah I would definitely recommend inner server if you guys aren't that familiar with them already they are one of the biggest companies out there and you know they've been around for a lot of years so I think that's kind of important I don't ever really recommend people to choose a company that's just been around for like less than a year because you those things come and go you know with the wind so the last thing you want is a company to go out of business where your websites hosted with them or whatever and won't happen with inner server they've been around i think for over a decade so yeah if I to give them an overall score of like out of ten I would just give them a 9 out of 10 because it's pretty awesome if you guys want to check out their website you can click the link in the description and if you guys have any questions please just comment on the video and let me know and I will try to get back to you as soon as I can help you guys out as always comment rate subscribe give me a thumbs up if you like this video and you had to check out the inner surfer website just click the link in the description and you guys have a good one later .

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Interserver is a hosting company I have been using for the past several months. They aren't one of the most well known hosts around but are still very popular and host a huge number of sites for their customers. The previous host I was using wasn't very good so I had to transfer my site to a new host and chose them. Since moving my site things have been going much, much better.

Inter server has great prices compared to other hosts which was certainly a selling point for me. At the time of this video they are even offering the first month of hosting for a penny so it can't possibly get any cheaper then that. They also offer a variety of different hosting packages, everything from shared hosting, to VPS to dedicated servers. So if you need to upgrade your hosting plan in the future that wont be an issue.

Another point that made me choose interserver was their customer support. I'm about the least technical person around so I needed support that could help me should I get into trouble and their support can do just that. They are available 24/7 which is amazing and you can reach their support by phone, email or live chat. When picking a host I would highly recommend looking at their support to make sure they are capable of helping you. The last thing you want to happen is your site to go down and you are dealing with a hosting company with crappy support.

In the past several months of having my website hosted with them interserver has not given me any issues. I haven't had any problems with downtime, loading times etc. So not only are their prices super cheap but they have a very quality product. That's why when doing this review I had to give them a 9/10. If you are looking for a reliable host I highly suggest Interserver. Anyways, hope you enjoyed this review, please comment, rate and subscribe!

Interserver Official Website:



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