The difference between WHM and cPanel


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differences between WHM and cpanel this tutorial will explain some of the differences between WHM and cpanel the web host manager WHM is the account management panel that allows the hosting provider to manage their customers accounts creating new accounts and adjusting the limits foreign account are just two examples of tasks that would be performed by the hosting provider in WHM cPanel is the site management panel where each individual account holder controls the settings for their particular account creating email accounts and managing the files for a particular domain for example would be tasks performed in cPanel rather than double uhm the account we used for this demonstration is a reseller account with limited options if you have a dedicated server and login to WH M as the root user there will be options that are not displayed in this tutorial let's take a look at one of the accounts we have created in WHM click the accounts information icon click the list accounts icon each account has its own username and password that can access that particular account cpanel from this page any of the c panels can also be accessed by the hosting provider by clicking the cpanel icon next to the account the resellers domain also has a cPanel account that can be accessed from here as well to manage the aspects that pertain to just that domain now we are in the cPanel for the sub-account cPanel also gives the hosting provider the ability to switch between the C panels of all the accounts under his control when he launches cPanel for a particular account from within WHM this option does not appear for the individual sub account holders when they login to cPanel directly when logged in as a reseller or the root user to another users cPanel the user is able to access and manage the majority of the aspects of the sub account just as the sub user however some functionality such as PHP myadmin and Fantastico require the individual user to be logged in to access them when a cPanel is launched from WHM the browser opens it in either a new window or tab depending on your browser settings so returning to WHM is as simple as closing the cPanel window or tab congratulations you now know some of the differences between whm and cPanel .

Video Discription

This video demonstrates various differences between cPanel and WHM. It will also guide you in how to navigate between the two systems.



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