Installing WordPress for Real Estate on Hostgator


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now that you have gone through the first four steps of the day one training on how to set up your custom wordpress website it's now time to install the WordPress platform since you have properly linked everything this final step shall be very easy and will take about roughly 45 seconds all you need to do is go into your Hostgator account in your control panel you'll go down to something under software and services and look for the first Button says quick install click on quick install that will take you to something that looks like this on the left hand side you'll see several different platforms that you can install one of the reasons we love Hostgator is how quick it is to install any of these platforms so since this is the WordPress training you'll look under blog software and click on WordPress then you'll click on continue and you'll find your domain name then you'll put in whatever domain or email address that you want to have any information forwarded to so we've already set up our email info at La Jolla investors calm and we are going to title the name of our blog require real estate investors and just put in your name doesn't really matter what name you put in there and you click install now it'll take just a second to install everything and congratulations you set up the website if you click the button right underneath it will open up your domain and you'll see that WordPress has been set up and it's ready to go you .

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There are two ways that the WordPress platform can be installed onto your hosting account. The easiest way to install the platform is Automatically through your HostGator platform. The second and more advanced way is by doing it manually using FTP.

First you will need to be logged into your Hostgator cPanel. After you're logged in scroll down to the first 1/4 of the page and on the left hand side you will see a WordPress logo. Click on the text which says "QuickInstall WordPress for your Site!".
You will then be taken to the wordpress installation wizard. Click on continue, then select which domain name you would like to install wordpress on. Next, insert an email address that you would like to receive all emails on regarding this domain name. You may change this later on your wordpress website, however, make sure that the email you insert here is already active because your new username and password to login to your website will be sent to this email after installing wordpress. You will then want to name your Blog and put in the domain owners First and Last Name and then click Submit.

If you entered the information successfully, you will receive your username, password and a link to your new wordpress website.[/toggle]



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