How To Transfer Domain Name From Namecheap To Hostgator


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hey guys Jonathan here today I'm going to show you how to transfer your domain name from namecheap to Hostgator because I've been having problems for the last few days I've been waiting for the domain name to be transferred and there was one little step that I missed and I just found that out and I thought it might be a good thing for you guys to know it so that you would avoid doing the same mistake that I did so i'm going to show you all right so i'm on the name cheap account okay you're going to go to account domain list and now i want to transfer my jaws on ebert CA to hostgator so you're going to go to manage and then where it says nameservers you want to go here scroll down to custom dns and the name servers are going to get that from the email from Hostgator so right here i'm gonna wear it says first name server i'm going to copy and paste and do the same thing for the second name server and paste and after that that's the step that I was missing because I thought it was being saved automatically so but you have to click on that little check mark here that's what I was forgetting so from there it can take from now up to about 24 hours for the name servers to be transferred to Hostgator and the other thing i want to show you is what if you don't have the email the welcome email from Hostgator actually the account info from Hostgator and you want to be able to get your first and second name server what if you have access to your Hostgator back office I'll show you where you can get the name servers so when you're in the control panel you scroll down and on the left hand side right about here you've got your nameservers the first one and the second one so that's it so now we just have to wait about 24 hours and the name server is going to be added that domain it will be transferred to Hostgator and I'll be able to set my wordpress setup my wordpress site up all right so thank you very much guys don't forget to subscribe if the video was helpful to you and we'll see you in the next one .

Video Discription

In this video, I will show you how to transfer your domain name from Namecheap to Hostgator.



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