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the redirects tool in cPanel allows you to redirect visitors from a source URL to a target URL first you have to login to your cPanel do so by opening a browser window and typing in the URL to log in to your cPanel page after entering your username and password you should find yourself logged into cPanel now that you've logged into cPanel find the domain section and click the redirects icon on the following screen you will see a drop-down menu containing options for the type of redirects you can setup select the type of redirect you wish to setup there are two types of redirects you can choose a permanent 301 which is a redirect that will update the visitors bookmarks and direct search engines to the new site or you can choose a temporary 302 which redirects the visitor or search engine but will not update the book plus search engines will continue to index to the original page from the next drop-down menu choose the domain name you would like to redirect after that in the redirects to field enter the full URL for the page to which you will be redirecting note you must enter the protocol in order for the domain to be accepted these are the first set of letters at the front of a URL next select one of the following ww redirection options to dictate how you want to redirect only direct with WWE redirects visitors that type wws part of the URL redirect with or without WWE redirects visitors whether or not they type WWE as part of the URL do not redirect WWE will not redirect visitors that type WWE as part of the URL if you choose to click the wild-card redirect checkbox you can redirect all files from one location to the same file name at the redirection location finally click the Add button to create the redirect congratulations you can now redirect a URL visit slash help for more tutorials like this one .

Video Discription

It’s easy to redirect a url in the HostGator cPanel. This video shows you how to create a permanent 301 or temporary 302 redirect.

What Is a Domain Redirect?
When a domain redirect is in place the web browser will direct one domain name to another. For example, if you type in the domain name in your browser you’ll be redirected to

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