How To Install WordPress and Change Domain Name Servers With Hostgator and Namecheap


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hey guys thanks for joining me my name is Lucian Davis from out of the poorhouse dot-com what we're gonna be doing today is installing wordpress onto our hosting account now what I've done is I've purchased a name through and I have an existing account with I've been with both of these companies for a super long time and just been beyond happy host Gators got unbelievable customer support and almost zero downtime and name cheeps pretty consistently about five dollars less per domain name which makes a pretty huge difference if you're hosting a lot of domains and you get that bill at the end of the year so what we need to do before we can install WordPress is we need to link the domain name to the hosting service and we do this through name servers when you set up your hosting account they will have sent you a email that has two name servers in it and we need to link those name servers to our domain name now when you set up your domain name they give you the option then to enter your domain name servers but since I've already bought the domain name I wanted to show you how you can go through your members area and change those domain names in case you needed to do it in the future so from your name cheap members area you're gonna find a link on the right hand side that says your domain slash products and go ahead and click that and then you're gonna want to pick the domain name that you're gonna change the name servers on and then in the left hand corner you're gonna see a link that says domain name server setup go ahead and go into that we're now gonna have some fields here we only need to worry about the top two and we're gonna go ahead and copy and paste the name servers from email into those top two slots and then go ahead and just click Save Changes and it's simple as that the domain is now connected to our Hostgator account so in that same email you should get a link to a two-year hosting control panel and all the control panels are the same no matter what hosting company are with so this should work no matter who you're hosting with now we're gonna go ahead and come down to the add-on domains link now if this is the first Hostgator account you've set up they may or may not have made you buy a domain name through them and if that's the case go ahead and skip these first few steps but I wanted to go ahead and show you how to add on a domain I'm using the baby plan which I really recommend it's pretty cheap it's just about ten dollars a month and you can host as many domains as you like I think I've got about 15 domains hosted on this account so go ahead and click here add-on domains and we're gonna have a few fields here the top field you're gonna go ahead and enter your domain name now these two bottom field or two fields below it you don't have to worry about they're gonna fill themselves and as soon as you click out of that domain name box and then you're gonna want to enter a password and just click Add domain once you've clicked your add domain you should see it down here on a list of domains and that confirms that that domain is set and then Hostgator recognizes it we're then gonna go back to our control panel and set up our WordPress and get rid of this stupid full-time so go ahead and scroll down to software and services now there are several ways to install WordPress I really prefer quick install because they just they're really good at putting all the files exactly where they need to be once you're in quick install you're gonna see wordpress on the left hand side and you're gonna go ahead and click it and then click the continue button from this drop down menu you're gonna want to choose the domain name that you just added on and then put in an admin email now this is gonna be the email for any kind of information you're getting from WordPress so it's important that you use a good email and then you select a blog title which don't worry about it too much because you can change it from the WordPress dashboard later on and then enter an admin username and that's gonna be your login for your WordPress dashboard and go ahead and put in your first and last name and click install now should only take a few seconds to install if it doesn't install right away don't worry about it too much the when you change a domain name server it can take up to 48 hours for the domain name to propagate which it's usually not the case most cases I changed the name server come over here and install WordPress no problem but there's been a few times that it took a couple hours or one there was one instance where I waited about 24 hours before it would propagate and work properly so now that we have our WordPress set up you'll be getting an email with login information and they'll pick out they'll pick out a password for you and go ahead and login I'm just gonna use my handy-dandy button here to go into one of my websites and this is what your wordpress login is going to look like and here's your dashboard now I'm going to be covering the dashboard in the next lesson and if you're viewing this video from my website just go ahead and scroll down to the bottom and click the link for the next lesson so I'll see you in the dashboard .

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