How To Install os Ticket In Hostgator


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today i want to show you how to install an OS ticket helpdesk on hostgator inside your cpanel look for software and services press on Fantastico and then on the left hand side press on OS ticket then click on new insulation then you just select what domain name that you want the OS ticket installed on which will be here for help desk you could make it a subdomain as in help desk or support which you will type in here then you just enter in your username to access the help desk and the password to access the help desk and then an email address for the admin once you've done that click on install RS to get and then click on finished insulation then enter your email here then go to the domain name that you set it up and what subdomain you may do that and your OS ticket should be live to access the admin all you do is at the end of the URL but /s cp4 / and they will beam into your your admin and this is um inside the admin now your username and password will be sent to your email address so you can access admin but always when i install a new help desk on my websites I always just make sure that's working correctly so this open your ticket this is under the help desk sub-domain new ticket I just send a ticket to yourself to make you feel special once you've sent a support ticket to yourself go in into admin and make sure it goes through so here is the ticket I sent to myself and here it will just show the ipad addressed the sender the help topic last message name email phone and etc now on my last website I I actually found a way to delete the phone option but I want to go into that but here is a message I sent to myself ok ok settle down then you can reply to that message you post a reply down here and then you can actually select a premade message say that you get a lot of questions on the exact same topic you can create a a premade message and also you can add a signature as well close the ticket on reply so it's pretty straightforward to work out really and if you found this video useful please leave your comment below this video thank you .

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This Explains How To Install os ticket in hostgator , Also shows a brief overview on how to use the os ticket helpdesk

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