How To Change Primary Domain Name In Hostgator | Quick & Easy


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In this video, we go over how to change primary domain name in Hostgator. To change your primary domain name in Hostgator we will be changing it via the Hostgator cPanel. This is a quick and easy change primary domain name Hostgator tutorial.

Along with our Hostgator primary domain name tutorial we will be going over what a primary domain name is and some primary domain name change tips.

To change your primary domain name in Hostgator start by logging into the Hostgator cPanel. Scroll down to the files section and click backup. Next, hit the download a full website backup so that we can back up your site. This is very important. Just in case something goes wrong you will have a backup of your site. Hostgator has a backup of your site but it's usually done once a week at a random time. I wouldn't rely on that. Also, you will be put in a support ticket queue for that. So make sure you backup your site.

Next, go to the Hostgator cPanel and go to the files section and click on file manager. You want to move the foot files from the old domain name to the new one. Make sure the files aren't from another subdomain or addon domain. You will now have two scenarios. You can assign an addon domain as the primary Hostgator domain, or you can add the new domain to the account as an addon domain and then making that the primary domain in Hostgator.

For example, if you had the domain previously added as an addon domain, then you would move the files from /public_html/ folder to /public_html.

If the domain name you want to use for the primary domain in your Hostgator account was recently bought or transferred from another domain registrar, you just need to upload the files directly in the ?public_html directory.

Next, login to the Hostgator billing area. Select the packages tab found in the top left of the page. Click the settings icon found to the right of the page and then click change my domain. Put in the domain name you want to use for your Hostgator primary domain name and click the update domain button.

That is all there is to it.

How To Change Primary Domain Name In Hostgator | Quick & Easy

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