How To Add Your New Domain Name To Your Hosting Company-Hostgator 2017-2018


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hello guys it's a boy Nelson mine and today I like to show you know how you're going to add your domain name okay and in your hosting company so you need to go in together this is a is a is a narration guys we're sorry their voice on the the testing was very very distracted so that's why I created this voiceover pocket first of all you go to you need to go to make 0 that is what is the place then you see domain name is your delegates title cap that is one of the of the things out there so go to our hosting us together okay then is heading over to your cPanel guys go guys go ahead cPanel then you need body you want remain over there okay that is one of the place which you need to go to attend so go to cPanel see let's see after going to span going down you're going to see an add-on domain okay sorry for the wait that for coming soon answer hey just let me breathe so go to other all that little bit so go to other old domain that is a place where you're going to add in my domain in this hospital ok in your stay together that is the place so what you need to do click it ok click it guys and you need to click it so the my metric is the baby of the slow so but see I think you get what I'm talking about so you if you click it then it will open a another tab just like this one okay it's going to open another tab there are in the place where you need to allocating your new domain okay so that in every files can be found in this hosting so yet each guy so as you can see here you're going to creative so what you need to do is add in your domain okay you can either I don't think Rudy WW carelessly mistake oh yeah I did okay don't include WW just put the domain name okay our daily baths dot-com that is a domain name which I get from one of my regulars out there and one of my latest well after that it's going to show a routing routing which mean that is the location of your of your domain of your hosting material where you're being located where are they all cuddlebuns will be located after doing that then go and create a FTP and FTP username and password so first of all I told you remove wwww okws that's how it is I'll call it that after that then you can see sub domain is where to click our daily bad because strong is not the main domain okay after going that then you need to create a FTP account it'll scan you later Inuk one what a Prodi manual is a plugin or some other thing or things this is going to help you bring that tool by La Silla so if the username what you're going to using in Fela Xena so put your password of this very quick very simple very easy I think you know what I'm talking about don't forget that password don't forget that part so that people forget their passwords good things to you it's the cool things for you guys so after doing that what you need to do you can see the step I take you see the step up doing that what you need to do is just simple it's just simple it's just adding domain that is the only option you have okay after doing all of that you can either generate a password apart it's going to be random so click add in domain okay how easy just add in domain that is where are you going to see your domain if presence with your hosting company here is gang gang gang gang so sorry for the way ticket for coming soon haha just kidding just kidding just kidding okay some some network out there you know is some pretty up guys but do not worry no water at all no water at all no worry don't forget this don't forget any other things okay guys I hope you stay up all day up all day sorry for the neural network solar for the network cut for coming soon hack it so that is how it is you already done guys you already done has been created to be a county or daily bathroom and we'll get it how cool is that so as you can see as you can see that is how you add in a domain name in your hosting company I'm talking about it cross together so I'll buy a domain in a separate company so anything so this is how simple it is so guys guys guys watching this video and I hope you enjoyed it and see you in a next next video I leave without share well you can do whatever liking you can so make sure you hit the subscribe button stay tuned stay up every day every day stay up till keeping us on thank you Andy in the subscribe button like and comment peace like and comment peace .

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