How to add an addon domain to Hostgator


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hello everybody this is Mark Benna from developing online business calm and in today's video I will be sharing with you how you can host a second domain in Hostgator it took me quite some time to figure out how this works only to find out that it's very simple so I thought it would be good if I share this with you it can save you a lot of time first we go over to my domain manager in godaddy and you can see there is two domains and the domain the second domain that i would like to host is online guitar store HQ so i'm just going to copy this here so we go now to our Hostgator control panel and we immediately scroll down to domains and there you have an option to either create sub domains or add-on domains we will choose add-on domains in the add-on domains you will see here new domain name so that is very clinton's the online detached or HQ com the sub domain ftp username will immediately be created and also a document root on the server will also be created and we just have to fit on the password here we go well let at Hostgator finds it a strong password so we can continue to add the domain prior to this video I already did add this domain so i will get here and an error message that account already exists but you will just get a message that add-on domain has been created now it's great that that this has been created that you might be wondering to which name server this domain has the point and that in fact is exactly the same as any other domain that you will be hosting under under this account and you just find that at the name servers and you only have to fill that in and go daddy you go to the online guitar store HQ you have a look and there you can choose nameservers set name servers and in the name shelf area you will have to say ok I have specific name service for my domain and this will be a name server exactly the same as shown in your in your control panel ok I hope this was a helpful video for you I am basically using Hostgator for web hosting if you would like to sign up through my affiliate link you can do so at developing online business comm forward slash hosting and I buy my domain names from godaddy if you would buy and domain through my domain through my affiliate link you can then show at develop an online business com forward slash domain let's open now thank you so much in the next videos i will be sharing with you how you can upload or how you can create your wordpress blog on this hostgator lynn thank you so much and speak next time .

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