How to Add a Domain to HostGator cPanel (Forward Domain Name)


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hi guys it's Marty here from let's build WP comm and in this video we're going to be covering how to forward idumaean name your Hostgator web hosting account this is something we'll need to do if we purchased a domain name from somewhere like Guidotti or crazy domains and we plan to use it with our Hostgator account but it doesn't matter where we buy our domain name from as the steps are always basically going to be this CM so if you're ready to get started this is how to forward idumaean named your Hostgator web hosting ok so the first thing we need to do is just open up our internet browser with our Hostgator control panel or cPanel open in one top and the site we registered our domain name from open in another tab and in this example I'm using crazy domains so we just want to make sure that we've got them both open and we're logged into both and once we are we can head over to our Hostgator control panel scroll down to where it says do means and then click add-on domains then we're just going to type or paste the domain name we're going to use into this first box and then if we click outside of the box it's going to auto populate our subdomain and document root and then underneath we can check this box labeled create an FTP account if you're not really sure what an FTP account is it's not really that important at this moment in time but just make sure you write down your username and password and save them in a word document or something like that labelled FTP logins then you'll always have them if you need them so our username will auto-populate and then we can just enter a password scroll down and click the odd do me in button at the bottom and we're finished with this part of the process creating an add-on domain is only the first step though now we need to go and tell our domain name provider where to point our domain name to so to do this we just need to head over the our domain registrar and then click into the domain name that we're using then we're just going to look around for an option to up at what are known as our DNS name servers see this is the only part of the process that's going to change depending on the site we register our domain name from if you're using crazy domains like I am after clicking on our du mean we just need to scroll down and we'll see here it says meme servers then when we hover over one of them we can click modify on the right hand side if you can't find the option or you're having any problems just do a quick google search for wherever you registered the domain name from plus how to add it Neum servers I'll also add a few links below in the description which will show you how to update name servers on some of the most popular domain registrar's then once we know where they are we'll see name server 1 and name server 2 then the URLs in these boxes are the actual name servers themselves so once we know how to add at them we can now head back over to our Hostgator cPanel to get the new ones so we just need to click the Hostgator logo in the top left to go back to the home page and if we scrolled on on the right-hand side we'll see here it says general information then under this will see primary name server and secondary name server so we just need to copy and paste these two URLs from Hostgator into these name server boxes so the primary name server is name server one and then the secondary name server is name server two then we just need to update our changes and we're done although just a quick warning it's usually going to take around 30 minutes or so and sometimes a little bit longer before we can start using the domain name this is due to something called domain propagation but it's totally normal no matter what hosting or domain registrar we're using then once propagation is finished we'll be able to start using our domain name from within our Hostgator account so that's us now finished and that was harder forward domain names to Hostgator web hosting I hope you found this video helped full and if you did please give it a like here on YouTube to show your support and if you haven't already consider subscribing to the channel for more wordpress tutorials like this one published every week then if you have any questions or need any help with this just leave me a comment underneath and I'll try my best to help you once again my name is Martie from let's build WP comm and thank you very much for watching my video .

Video Discription

In this video, we're going to cover how to add a domain to HostGator that we've registered from somewhere else (like GoDaddy or NameCheap).

Plus it doesn’t matter where we buy our domain name from, as the steps are basically always going to be the same.

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There are two main steps to adding a domain name to HostGator:

00:39 Creating an Add-on Domain (HostGator cPanel)
01:54 Updating DNS NameServers (Domain Registrar)

Worth Noting: It will usually take around 30 minutes or so, and sometimes a little longer before we can start using the domain name. (it CAN take up to 72 hours, but rarely does).

This is due to something called "Domain Propagation", which is totally normal, no matter what hosting or domain registrar we’re using.

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