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today's video we will learn how to install wordpress correctly our sunday we previously hired a video past us learned how to hire a domain how to add this Sunday to our new hosting and we also learned how to target this dns domain is like if it were like that reaps hosting from now on you will open this domain also just remembering again that this video is for people who are starting in this medium so for you to start your work you will have to enter that area and I left the tabs open to not extend too much video you enter your work area you will already come across your services and to you install sir the press you will click this option here kidding in this option you will find all this here you will click on the top option tap plus app that established a click here and you will enter this option here so click here that is wordpress you will click here in that area and this is where you will choose your Sunday you will install sir quickly here in https you leave as is here you choose a domain that you want to be wordpress here you put the name of your blog here you put a description if you want it here you choose the name of administrator you are going to use to log into your website you choose a password you cannot forget this here because this is the area you will use to enter on your website remembering that this one can change after you put a password here on average you put your email that was kind of registered on gay night so much to hire your hosting domains puts your email and here if you don't have portuguese you put portuguese and you don't have to choose none in this system here want to choose can choose some you want to because later you will change this here for sure we will choose any one and click install it starts to install ready was installed remember that it is this interest but your password that you put here to install that you will use to access the administration of your site the video was just that I want to show you are starting this way how easy it is to install wordpress in a new domain if you have hired lightning stays around here and until the next personal video jonílson .

[toggle title=”Video Discription” state=”close”]O WordPress é um dos gerenciadores de conteúdo mais populares da atualidade, presente em quase 30% de todos os sites da internet.

Este CMS possui uma flexibilidade muito grande, podendo ser utilizado para diversos fins, desde a criação de um blog simples até sites e lojas virtuais.

Neste vídeo iremos aprender como instalar o WordPress no cpanel da hostgator,


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