Como instalar wordpress na hospedagem hostgator


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after waiting 24 hours your domain will have already propagated and then you will come here again in your area of ​​a host gate client and search here for cp and click on these and pn 1 and you will be redirected to the cpn the rock I got here in the area is host game performance you will click here on complementary domains we will in this class add the domain you hired so it's just that you enter the domain and when you enter the domain the others fields are automatically filled so just click here to add domain and your name is already added after you add the domain on your hosting right you come here on software and we will install the hoodie press in software you will see here in this option soft tacos pt pt install click on this option and here wordpress already appears for us to install we will click here on install and let's do the configuration right here you will choose which one domain you want to install this is wordpress so if that domain here clicks out of the box for each understand right and now we go here to configure that the name of this site right make a brief description this site the next step is you create is your login and password to access wordpress so here you put the user very strong and a strong password to not be easily accessed by malicious people and here you will put the e email you want to receive notifications if the person tried to log in through dos t your blog all this you will get receiving here in this email right right below you will select the language right the language of your other press so let's choose here from Brazil and here is asking if I want to limit logins this avoids that people have to log into their world several times so here is the your choice you can choose or not i will choose here is to choose the classic world press editor right and here is for you to have multiple haiti in even old hurry you're a choice your right here have settings advanced in this one we will not touch anything here you can choose a right theme that already has some theme options you can choose one of these you can just continue here right there ready here is already installed is today press now you can login lanús and right wordpress you can go back there and edit something if you are and rome today what it's global to modify something, just come back here, ok .

[toggle title=”Video Discription” state=”close”]Curso Completo – Pinterest para Afiliados – Módulo 01 – Blog do Zero

Essa é a terceira aula do curso Pinterest para Afiliados. No módulo 01 estamos aprendendo a criar um blog do zero profissional.

Nessa aula eu vou ensinar a colocar o domínio na hospedagem e instalar a plataforma wordpress para criar o blog.

Hospedagem e domínio para blogs –

Template profissional para blog – [/toggle]



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