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ah in a previous video tutorial we saw how the dns or name server was the address from our server on each server multiple websites fit the function of the dns or nine server is to tell those websites where they are We call dns connection to the process of linking a domain with the server where the web files will be, that is, when a user types the name of the web the machine knows where it should go the dns connection only needs to be done when we have bought the domain and the server separately in different companies that as we have seen to day of today is the ideal when connecting the dns they will not be active immediately can take anywhere from half an hour to 2 days this is due to the so-called dns expansion a procedure invisible technician to us in which different special servers known as dns servers receive the new address for our domain ok but what is my dns the dns or name server Your server will probably appear in the email received when you hire of your hosting plan also usually appear in the control panel of the server in the case of the gators you will have them in the cep and in the bar left side at the end of the whole it is usual to have two tns with a server for each hosting plan in this case we must use both if the dns are not found, contact the technical service of the hosting the ns connection is the first thing we have to do when hiring a new domain so that the ns connection is made from the domain control panel let's start let's work with two tabs in the first one we have the domain registrar in this case go daddy in the second we have a domain that we just acquired in go daddy in this case videotutoriales pro punto or hereje we see that an image of godaddy in our domain this means that the dns is not connected yet with the server to connect the dns we must direct to the control panel of the domain that is in the register in our body case for it we get blocked and once achieved we go to all the products domains control panel once in the control panel of the register we only have select in the dropdown of our domain the option set name server we click in houston we are going to write the dns I leave skater each one must check his in our case we have two months and we give ok these changes that is the dns connection it can take two hours to two days sometimes even less we will wait reloading this page until a gay host message appears tour that is the server then we will already know that the dns will be correctly connected .

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