Comment créer une base de données MySQL chez HostGator


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hello my name has become that lover and in this video i want show how to create a mysql database using the check at lookouts points like this database where will necessary to install wordpress on your hosting space first you will create a file with the four elements that you will need to install to the world press on your hosting you need the name of the database the benign user name useless the password password and the host name haussmann know that with 11 gaye 2 the name of other bones name it's always long pink collar then go to your hall control panel 4 points as for you hiram all you have to do is add the slash and six signs after your web address on this news you are asked to enter your name user and password you can find this information in the welcome letter that rising gates sent when purchasing your hosting service then click on login once in the tron ​​panel scroll down to find the databases section click on mysql databases on this page you will create a new database for this video i'm going to create an example database this one your database name data and click on create database know that in ghettos automatically inserts the username of the tale in the database copil name of the database is stuck the eye in the file you created click on go back now you need a username and password to your database is a username and a password go to the had no use section click on calls to use click on go back now look in the section that happy euronews know that 2 1 it's also the number of account users in your new user copy the username the database is pasted the in the file you created it is said it is also in your file the password that you created for database user now we have all the information we need to install wall ps we only have add the user to the adiu database especially rebels in the add user section too many arabs and selected from the drop-down menus the user and the database you just created then click on add on this news make sure to give all privileges to your user by checking after rules click on make friends click on go back this is the end of the process to create a mysql database in the gaiters control panel .

Video Discription

Comment créer une base de données MySQL – Voici une vidéo et des instructions pour créer une base de données MySQL chez Hostgator.



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