Adding an Addon Domain in Hostgator cPanel Hosting


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hey Tim occurred here from hunkered web-design dot-com and I'm gonna do a very short video that's how to install and add-on domain with hostgator cpanel hosting so I've got my cPanel or control panel pulled up and I'm going to add some domain name so let me go about doing that so I'm gonna scroll down where I see add-on domains first gonna add my last name I have occurred com I bought that I'm gonna type that in right here okay and that auto fills the subdomain and documentroot for me now I want to click we're gonna want to create an FTP account so it gives me my username now I'm gonna stop the video for just a brief moment get my password store it in a safe place and then we'll continue from there okay so hold on one sec okay so I've copied it and I've used the password generator the password is in a safe place I got my username got all that stuff I'm gonna scroll down and click Add domain okay I'll just wait just a sec okay and look at that it's already been added else I don't want to save a password somewhere else so hunker calm has been added to your account and guess what there's a bonus with this video because we're going to add another domain I'm gonna click add another domain alright and I'm gonna type in this domain name which I bought last night Tim theory dot-com did I mention that I'm a goofball my first name is Tim also so I need ten theories that I have I might just post alright so anyways I click here it auto fills the sub domain and documentroot I'm gonna create FTB account associated with this also okay and I'll pause the video I'm going to use the password generator to get my password and I'll be right back hold on a sec okay I'm back I've copied the password into a safe place and put it in there so all right I'm going to click on add domain and and it's as simple as that all right and so Tim theory comm has been added to your account excellent ok so now I could quickly start a wordpress website or something else along those lines just Joomla Drupal whatever but I've easily added on two domains has taken me less than three minutes to do that so it should be very easy to do I hope this helps and if you want more web design tips visit bunker Web Design dot-com I'll include a link in the description of the video thanks for watching have a great night bye .

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