How to Buy a Domain Name and Web Hosting Package with GoDaddy 2019


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Video Discription

How to Setup Cpanel in Godaddy 2019

Part 2: How to Buy a Domain and Web Hosting Package on GoDaddy –

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In today's video Coach Angelito from Overcome Technicalities teaches on how to buy a domain and a web hosting package on GoDaddy. This simple step-by-step video was created to give straightforward instructions on how to easily buy a domain and a web hosting package on GoDaddy.

Below is the timestamp of the simple steps you need to successfully setup the Cpanel on your GoDaddy account.

1:05 Step 1 – Go to
1:16 – Step 2 – Click on the hosting navigation menu then on Web Hosting on sale link
1:38 – Step 3 – Click on the Add to Cart button under GoDaddy's Economy plan
1:53 – Step 4 – Choose 12 months as your term length
2:16 – Step 5 – Remove GoDaddy's Add website backup feature that's added by default by clicking on the No thanks option
2:45 – Step 6 – Click on Continue with these options button to proceed to the next step
3:00 – Step 7 – Type in or provide the website name you want to buy then click Search
3:32 – Step 8 – Click on Select and Continue
3:41 – Step 9 – Review your order. It must only contain Economy Linux Hosting with Cpanel and the Free domain name you've chosen
5:30 – Step 10 – Add a promo code by clicking on the Have a promo code link
5:35 – Step 11 – Enter the promo code HOS1PH01 on the promo code box then click Apply
5:54 – Step 12 – Click on the Create Account button to create a new GoDaddy account
6:03 – Step 13 – Fill in the necessary fields to create your own Account then click on the Create Account button
6:53 – Step 14 – Fill in the fields in the Billing Information, then click Save
7:12 – Step 15 – Fill in the Payment details in the Payment information section then click Save
7:37 – Step 16 – Click on the Complete Purchase button
7:52 – Step 17 – Click on the My Products link
8:27 – Step 18 – Verify your email address
8:50 – Done

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