How To Install Wordpress Blog on Dreamhost Account


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hey guys this is William Bryant from William Bryant that info that's my blog right there go visit it after you're done with this video I've got lots of other tips on dream hosts and a lot of other things I am here to help so this video right here is about dream host and how to set up a wordpress blog on dream host I'm going to show you how stupid easy simple it is to set up a blog on dream host if you know I've dream host go to dreamhost.com enter the promo code will save 50 and I will save you half 50 bucks offer your hosting accounts save you 50 bucks in your hosting account just go to dream host calm sign up for the two-week free trial enter the promo code will save 50 that's all together no spaces all right so dream host here it is you go to panel dream host calm once you're signed up log in when you log in you get to the main page here and you're gonna want to click on 1-click installs they make this really easy toolbox right here that you can go to your different items very fast 1-click installs is how you get to your option to install a wordpress blog now if you've got help on there's gonna be a lot of information here at the top that gives you a lot of help on how exactly to do all this now that you're watching this video you don't really need all that just scroll down and you're gonna see a lot of different applications here that you can install there's two pages we're looking for WordPress which is in the first line here click on WordPress little pop-up will appear you've got the dream host one-click installer all you do is click custom don't click the simple because it really kind of narrows down your options just click the custom here custom is really not as custom as it sounds the simple install you you actually I mean you've actually got a little bit more to do the custom install will not prohibit you from installing extra plugins and things like that worth the simple installation may actually prohibit you from doing those things so all you got to do is pick your domain name that you want to stall it too let's pick an empty one here and if you want to do it different like if you already have a website already set up on the domain name and you want to do it like maybe slash blog then you can have the website you have existing if you have something there put in a directory that you want to make it like slash blog that's logical that's where Google would typically look for a blog if you if your main website is not already your blog and so it will go there automatically so if you have a website already set up in your domain name some pages already existing do slash blog if not take the slash block out and just make it your main because WordPress is very versatile you can do a lot of different things with it whether it's e-commerce regular or CMS and building just a regular website or whether it's blogging whatever you want to do select database just always pick this automatically create database that way dreamhost kind of keeps track of your WordPress database and all your other databases and then all you have to do is click the install it for me now they do everything so really all you do is click your 1-click installs click on WordPress and then pick your domain name you want install it too now right here it says that it it's gonna be installed within 10 minutes take some little time to set up the database get all that going usually never ever takes 10 minutes but you can see if we go to there right now there's nothing there yet but it will be there very soon ok and then you get an email just like this from the dreamhost installer robot that's gonna tell you exactly how to get into your admin account how to if you're switching from a different blog system to get over to WordPress and import all your information so that you don't lose anything which is a great feature on WordPress you've got a readme file it'll give you some more details how to manage your blog it's all there it's all there so what you're gonna want to do is click on the first link go ahead and click that that's going to give you the information here that you need to finish installing WordPress fill that out and once you do you're going to have a great looking blog setup like this that you are ready to go ahead and customize so if you have any questions go to my website William Bryant that info if you're already there hey go ahead put me a comment drop me any questions I'm here to help I've been using WordPress for years and any question that you have I'm here to help you out love you guys William bright that from William Bryant that info talk to you soon .

Video Discription

Dreamhost "WILLSAVE50" to save $50 Wordpress is THE tool of choice for anybody who's anybody in the world of the internet! Over 12% of websites created online use wordpress (that's a high statistic in case you were wondering) since HTML is fast and easy to program. Wordpress is SO much more than a blog, too.

I rarely use Wordpress as just a blog. Dreamhost amazingly makes it very simple to install. In fact, I'd probably go crazy without it. Dreamhost + Wordpress is the ultimate setup if you're looking to create a long lasting brand, web presence, business site, or whatever you want.

In this video I show you how to install wordpress on dreamhost. Dreamhost is the preferred hosting provider of many top level marketers and wordpress users, including the site Themeforest!

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