Dreamhost talks hosting solutions at Cloud Expo 2012.


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rich Steve's on the floor at cloud Expo 2012 Santa Clara I'm here with Bennett Bauer from DreamHost welcome to the show tell us about your company okay well dream host has been in the web hosting business for probably about 15 years we're very focused on the open source way of approach to the industry and with the advent of cloud and the advent of OpenStack we became a early and often contributor to the community we also commercialize the product now we have a couple services we've come to market with one being the object storage based on our Ceph technology which we invented one of our founders invented that and we have that as a basis for also a computing cloud a public computing cloud called dream compute so we have a couple offers that we've we're showing here today and we certainly invite people to come in and try these offers they can connect with us online and sign up and try them where could they find more information about the company okay well certainly at dreamhost.com we're also heavily involved in the OpenStack community we're on the board of directors for OpenStack we're a gold member so we can certainly be contacted through that organization as well we do we are one of the top contributors to the OpenStack initiative and of course we will commercialize based on the OpenStack you know architecture and services and is there anything else that you've been sharing and showing to people coming by the booth of the show well I think what we've done is is tried to make sure we connect with our entrepreneur and developer target customer there are a lot of them here at the show we have made our history around supporting them effectively very good first line technicians and they appreciate that a lot and they're kind of coming over now from the basic hosting services they've had with us for years and moving into the cloud with us so we are we're happy to be contacting them here and we've had a really good experience at the show and also the ability to attach to and talk to some very nice partner opportunities getting together with some partners here and thinking about how we expand the services these open source services that we bring to market thank you very much for your time okay thank you thank you very much .

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TMC Web Editor Rich Steeves speaks with representatives from Dreamhost at Cloud Expo 2012. The compa – Nov 14, 2012



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