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not sure if you need to upgrade from shared hosting to a virtual private server these 8 telltale signs means it's time for your web hosting to go virtual one you're worried about security with a VPS you can count on top-notch security features if you need advanced monitoring capabilities more backup space or improved website reliability consider a VPS 2 you start to experience high traffic volumes if your site isn't getting much traffic yet then shared hosting is a safe bet but if your audience grows you'll want to consider upgrading don't risk a slow website or worse your server crashing because it can't handle the traffic 3 your website is consistently running slow as you add more content video and photos to your site you might see an increase in your load times upgrading to a VPS will allow you to scale your site's resources for you have an online store do you accept payments on your website then you've got to keep your customers financial data safe VPS is a secure option for e-commerce websites 5 you need to install custom software shared hosting is a great place to start but if you need to install custom software use a custom server configuration or engage in any other advanced programming and you'll want a VPS for more control 6 you run into server errors when you see errors your potential customers probably see them – sure you can troubleshoot but nobody wants downtime afraid – a VPS and supercharger site seven you build websites for your clients it can get expensive to manage multiple shared plans with a VPS you can host an unlimited number of domains all while making sure each site has enough RAM eight you're on a budget of course getting your own dedicated server could solve a lot of problems on this list but that's pretty pricey VPS is the most wallet-friendly way to improve your site's performance ready to go virtual dream host has the right VPS plan for your site this check out our in-depth VPS guide link below to get started and be sure to subscribe for more tips and tricks to build your dream website .

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Not sure if you need to upgrade from shared hosting to a Virtual Private Server? In this video, learn how to decide when it’s the right choice for your website to go virtual.

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