Install WordPress On Bluehost In Minutes


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so we're going to see how to install wordpress on the bluehost shared hosting using the cheapest plan available first let's go ahead and enter in our domain name in this case on the web net is what I'm going to choose to use and click ok now go ahead and enter out your personal information I'm going to go ahead and throw up a black box for the stuff that I think is most private and then go ahead and scroll down to view the package information I'm going to go ahead and unselect all of these options to keep my plan affordable and cheat and this brings us to the billing information and again i'm going to enter i'm going to show a black box so that way i can enter my credit card information go ahead and accept and then submit it here you presented with a bunch of extra features that you're able to add to your plan again i'm going to choose not to add any extra features and click that complete I just threw another black box up there but we're going to go ahead and create our password make sure you follow the password policy I've been entered correctly so fix it and then go ahead and accept and then WordPress will start to Bluehost will start to create your account go ahead and go to your cPanel and go ahead and click WordPress and install WordPress choose the domain accept the terms and then go ahead and click advanced I put a black box over it but go ahead and identify you a username and password make note of it and go ahead and start to install WordPress it might take a few minutes but there is a progress indicator to show you when it's complete so once it's complete go ahead and navigate to your web address on my face on the web net and then admin login go ahead and enter in that username and password that you saw an advanced and you're brought to your WordPress administrative panel on the home of the dashboard you can go ahead and choose to launch your site rather than show a coming soon page with that launched now your WordPress blog or website is completely ready to be seen by everyone on the Internet so as you can see they really didn't take too long to get wordpress going with Bluehost very cheap and convenient service if you plan to use bluehost for your hosting please use the link that I provided in the description of this video because it'll give us full credit towards our accounts .

[toggle title=”Video Discription” state=”close”]Learn how to install WordPress on Bluehost shared hosting in only a few minutes. A great way to start a blog or website to build your brand.

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