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alright so today I'm going to show you guys how do you set up and install a wordpress installation on your site right now I've bought the domain and I've pointed my name servers to my hosting environment but I haven't actually installed the files yet so if you go to the domain it's you're just going to see one big act for whatever hosting company you've pointed your domain servers to this is getting hosted at bluehost so you're going to see a big blue host page but there's no actual files on the site so you're not going to see anything yet so what I'm going to do is I'm going to jump into my blue host cpanel now all these see panels are going to look very very similar it's they're all using the same back end but you know depending on your hosting environment you might have a few different options here so what you're going to do is look for something titled WordPress that's what you're looking for if you can't find something titled WordPress you're going to look for something titled simple scripts soft delicious or like website builder or something on those lines I use Blue Hose for all my lower traffic test sites that I just kind of wanna you know see if they work and throw them up real quick I use in motion for a lot of the stuff that actually needs a lot you know more support behind it it's it's stuff that I know that it's going to get a lot more traffic so basically you're going to look through here you're going to find you know something under site builders you know click on WordPress and you're going to give it a few seconds because this takes a few seconds to take it to the next screen here and you're going to see all these scripts not all this lists all these lists of scripts here and all these different things are free software that you can you can mess around with if you really want to but we're not going to really mess around with them at all we're just going to talk about WordPress right now so you're going to click on this WordPress icon if you can't find WordPress just do a quick control f and do a search for wordpress and you're going to highlight it pretty quick so you're going to click on WordPress and your click install a brand-new version you're going to pick the domain from the drop-down I've only got one domain so i'm going to pick that one i'm going to title it it's called single dollar i can click to view more options i can pick a username and a password and an email address and then I'm going to uncheck all these because we don't really need these themes and plugins will will deal with those later and we'll talk about which one do you really need to get started so you hit complete and this is going to give me an error right now it says hey I've got a directory already there I'm going to be overwriting files now I know already that actually don't have anything installed there so I don't really care right now but I've done it in the past where you actually if you if you've got multiple domains on this account you can overwrite those files so if you've got multiple domains on this account you want to be really careful because you dont want to overwrite and delete an entire directory with your new WordPress installation I don't know about you guys but when I first started out about three or four years ago I did this bout probably about five times on one website before I finally learned my lesson so be really careful if you've got other files in your hosting environment that you're not overriding that information already so hit continue and this is going to automatically install WordPress for you and so you give it a few seconds to work because it's going to run the installation so once you have success you're going to get all this information it's going to tell you your site URL your login URL use your name and password so right now I'm going to just click I'm going to click back to this website and I'm a hit refresh and you're going to see that you have a normal wordpress site this is the basic theme for all wordpress sites and it's going to really really really simple I'm going to come back to the screen I'm gonna hit the admin it gives you the URL you're going to log into and I want to copy paste all the credentials for the login and I'm in and so that's basically how you get wordpress installed on your hosting environment like I said if you really don't want to have to deal with this you can all up support and you can have them install it for you but it's really not that hard and when you see so you know it's it takes less than five minutes it's it's something easy you can knock out really really quick so that's how you set up your hosting environment with WordPress we'll talk in the next video about what you need to get wordpress rocking and rolling and what plugins what themes you should be using in order to eat the most out of your sight so I'll see you next time I check out the next video guys you .

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How To Install Wordpress On Bluehost In Less Than 5 Minutes

Want to install wordpress on bluehost? This video tutorial will show you how to do just that in less than 5 minutes!

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How To Start A Blog: The Definitive Guide –
How To Install Wordpress On Bluehost In Less Than 5 Minutes

If you're using bluehost or another cpanel backend to host your account, here's how you can install wordpress on it lightening quick (takes less than 5 minutes). Go!

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