How to create your “php.ini” file in Bluehost if it is Missing in your “File Manager”


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hey what's going on everyone this is Hector from the internet entrepreneur connection blog and I wanted to shoot this video or this quick a tutorial because um I a while back I recorded a ScreenFlow video showing people how to increase their maximum upload file size in WordPress once they install the WordPress on a new domain and I got a lot of emails or a lot of comments on that post saying hey Hector you know I just installed a wordpress and you know great video by the way but I can find my PHP ini file which is where you can increase that that file size that maximum file size setting under WordPress so I finally I finally got tired of all the comments that you guys were leaving me on that on that on that video not because I got tired of your comments but just because I got tired of people struggling with this so I ended up calling Bluehost and they showed me or they told me why this is happening until I want to create this video or wanted to create this video for you guys so that issue where your PHP ini file is not populating is probably because either you have a new domain or you just haven't set this up yet and I don't remember having to do this myself but for some reason my PHP dot ini file was already populated so if you're having issues with this file not seeing it under the file manager what you want to do is scroll to the bottom until you come across this here which says software and services this section here and you're going to click on PHP config after you click on PHP config select this PHP 5.4 single PHP ini and click Save once you click Save you will automatically have a new PHP ini file populated for all of you your domains and subdomains in your account so this should fix the problem I've gotten a guarantee from the guys over at Bluehost that this will fix that problem interesting to see what you guys come across let me know talk to you soon and take care .

[toggle title=”Video Discription” state=”close”]Okay, so a few months back I created a video where I showed you "How to increase the maximum upload file size" in WordPress.

This required you to sign-in to your CPanel and edit the "PHP.INI" file from your "File Manager" / "Public_html".

Please reference this video here:

HOWEVER, it seems like a lot of people simply did not have the "php.ini" file populated/enabled in their file manager and therefore were not able to edit this file to increase the maximum upload file size in WordPress.

I called Bluehost to settle this once and for all and this is what they guaranteed me would fix the problem.

I hope this helps you guys! Let me know if anyone else runs into other issues doing this.

All the Best![/toggle]



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