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Σ Sigma Hosting is mainly a video tutorial website that make it easier for you to search within the transcript of videos for solutions of problems you might face during your journey in dealing with different webhosting companies. So, we are very sorry if the text is not well organized and we may work on it in the future but for now we hope you get the benefit mainly from the video then you may need to have a look on the transcript. Thanks for your understanding 🙂

good in this video I will explain the handling of the tool of that panel in warlock first of all we look for the website sorcerer here we can observe and select eclac when we read separate we will observe this interface we seek management of domain and we select denis is an editor when we select cdm become a director but show to extend back dns are in charge of converting the domains understood by us human ip addresses understood by the driver which is why those of editor zone genes are responsible for binding the two children to ip addresses which means it controls how they work is so which I will explain each of the aspects to take into account in the files are are firstly selected domain is say domain in which is we want to configure if this domain is in the group account can be topped up but as in an explanation of domain management then we will leave the default in dotcom streams generally proceed to add gene records the jos record is you enter the city ​​registration name in the lifetime in which we find there the default a type this means it is the type of input that is appropriate for our application and at points included in the address that the record to settle and not achieved the good record is attached in this part we must take into account that so you have to depending on what you miss from the records that have been created our fields are enabled depending on this type of records right now in the zone venice records are made are used to control the location of resources In Internet ym name what is what is there what this does is point to a domain with its domain to another domain name which allows updating records every time a change is made in mx ah this entry directs mail to a particular mail server this points to a domain and doesn't mean it doesn't point directly to an ip address 20 x in txt this is an entry and test these are used to provide the necessary information to external sources in crb this entry record points a domain to another domain name with a port of specific destination and in is a record indicating a domain a subdomain or an excel ip address and finally depending on the enabled song edit its parameters and proceed to save the changes I hope this video has served you well because since this is a handling know in tns zone .

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