Siteground vs A2 Hosting – Which Services to Choose and Why


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hey guy this is a day job killer here and welcome choose my a2 hosting vs. site growl comparison videos I have personalized purchase cycle and a2 hosting and today I want to post this video as a way to show you exactly cycler hosting is painters or a2 hosting is better okay so currently this is the members areas up hu hosting when the locals like this is the members area of your psycrow account so currently this is so I to us on this videos I remember using full comparison so currently my website Telecom is hosted on hu hosting but this is another of my business website and it is now hosting on-site growl because I am omitting for my business purpose so that's why I use a multiple server at the same time okay so select in comparison so we will take a look at some of the most important factor so the first thing is the panel so as you can say this is the panels of a tube hosting what this one is to see panels of sacra and at first glance you can see that they are almost the same okay because you know they are in the same cPanel so they are just a different design but for this future into my personal opinions issue hosting is better because this have a free SEO and marketing talk what is not allow it is not available on sacra and you know I was a few some men kitchens like Aquaman back up bike mass Minh link and and you know emails domain metric security and external software so for example this they will press installer so they are almost the same but so a psycho had its own Stockman's called Tigra optimizer and this is a december is hosting is also have a to optimize so also website hosted from the server okay so would a to wholesome i so this can help you to you know improves your piloting speed your tire so that even better SEO result curl is a fork so for the features like a lot of the panels would one is better with twins are h hosting inside rao software personal opinion it's a tie okay i inserted text show you okay so far see I know it's I between side growl and a2 hosting so another factor for us to make a comparison between sub Sai growl and a2 hosting is pride so this is the main prize upside growl so cypress trees plan South 359 3 and 95 per one for 595 4 months and so their treatment plans okay I guess us comparable price okay so I have this I'll copy this I will click on tab 3 power 95 and this one is a 11.5 so this is support clouds man only ok so I will make the calculation but this is for the first pie okay first yeah and after that you have a real new wall so in this comparison so wouldn't renewals regular price is this one remembers that after you have my own it's also one year they will provide for years that we knew were price and as you can see it is almost quadrupling ok and this one no this is a user so you knew was so for example you want to renew for 12 year sort of pricey okay so this mean if you are using for 2 year to year off cycle so the price can be this one now if you are using three year between one year plus two year as a new new I will have you understand so I will so you can see it's like three years so this mean um so there's the price so if you purchase a twenty four months you will save 20% for the second one can be a thirty percent but the con days I need is for enrobing a cow okay no way a cow is this one okay so they are different between x over D so so this will stop up row row brick and go okay so for two years what is a so as a eighty percent up this one I will do this so the prices are Chinese eighty-five okay this correct so okay well and I will plus that's the first year but eighty percent so I will have its formula so this mean for the if you are using robic so this been the after three year this is what you need to buy okay so this force eyebrow but for a2 hosting assist pride different will post there is a cycle all right so far I just think they are also three plain so for example so let's see lice whip into ball okay line sweep and to go so but for a to hosting you need to buy for three year to get me access for this right but recycle you only forget so you need to purchase for one year and then snow this cap right at the first time you brought you by okay so this mean this is the main price a month and I will only sick so this price for a to hosting this one and I the sick greenu one year per year hey so in this comparison if yeah we are if you know ever you say the facts of I used to choose is what the price I think that I think Saddam a2 hosting it's a good choice superior choice sick okay but for the renew was price higher is eco 20 okay it is the price the main price for the new work because you know when you renew the price will definitely be higher okay this is 100% highest and let's notice carefully newer for the sick and for to war so when we are considering the factor is that a lot of price so we'll see where so I can conference a to use that price update you Austin is a more affordable then side route is lower okay it's lower than high ground so okay this is a 100% you can see I will pass you here a new patent in slowly add a nice little vein your self on sacral this is the German price upfront personal renewal price and for its hosting so for price and says that our winners is eight hosting so a2 hosting is win our prize okay it's not just for the main price but also for the renewal price but when you will compare about the hosting server you know we cannot just compare about the price that's a lot factor because psych Rao is famous to be you know has more active user and host more active site so this is really unfair aside route if you say a to hosting is better just because I to hosting has a lower price so I will show you approve so I will close top pricing okay so if the uptime so what uptime generals this is no statistic from hosting effect and you can see it's not in regard of tom is seem to be I do hosting he's happy very poor up tab so there's a condom a to hosting but for Sai brow the uptime is currently at nineteen point nine ninety nine percent so about the Optim so for Optum site crown is window but for us but for orders factor so the piloting speed by not being speed so best for SEO Olson and I'm okay will am P so what is option so a2 hosting is the window this is so clear okay because a2 hosting is the fastest website host ever thought to say web host there is some hosting fact what is the July will host with the best customer support so we can say okay so this the speed this is almost lowers then cycle you know as you can see another and okay so about this option so Sacre window K is what uptown sacra win for the piloting speed so it's roasting win so I will show you some other factor this is about support because good support you know this is for the most important factor when we are talking about the support solar support to a personal opinion would I growl when new open support like a support okay nice job support you will check would an region almost immediately but what a to hosting you may meet to way around 15 minutes or lowers me pain and with me penny actor this is to my personal opinion because when I open the cap would sacra supporters and a to Hosting's pasta I can see that as like that is faster one support so we can say sigh I growl is fe9 it with a bow and this is the joke I leave to my personal opinion you me only but you know this from hosting pipe and they can say is that sacra is final verdict the best customer support okay and not a thing we are talking about this of it based about a site migration so if you are using an existing server so for SSL so what free side migration from free right so they saw the most important thing you also need to talk consider about this of it so they are the same and all the last thing when we are talking about David um bounced so what sigh growl so migration so cyclo so sacra is a rata sigh crown is only for one a2 hosting and the entire hosting entire o hosting a cow or 125 depending on multiple option but Ryu may a tease no $35 hi perfect so $25 and I in my opinion so for Saira is 30 so in my opinion the you know the difference of just $5 doesn't say anything ok so this is not to be a factor but you know if are you a newbie to Angelica thing or you are a newbie to the web hosting so in my opinion it doesn't matter about the psyche migration but if you have already happened existing business just like me so you may need to care because my curl leaves my current website to a jocular is a very huge website okay it's a very huge library he was fight so a person like me we need to care but for you it doesn't you don't know if you HSN news to huevos you don't need to our cable psych migration okay well SNL this is also the most important factor and we are also happy that they are holes free for you and they can set up for you if you want okay so that's it okay so okay so allows the futures panels they are the same okay they have a custom backup they can they also they both have multiple servers and hub but the about thing like this pi spy so for this pi this pi okay Wow I start until hosting is winner towel is my personal opinions by Apple reviews and Isis that is hosting good SEPA more fight so I started right okay so this is a stolid strengthes and year by up with this pi but at this pi i can say is that i to hosting can host more for you so so for things like when we what plenty so after this videos so for a question like wasabi to chose use it by you need to bike i to hosting or use a bike sigh crowd so in my opinion this is absolutely up to you but if you are care about price of our price I can confront to say is that a to hosting is the winner okay but about on stop so for example like the support support okay like up Tom so sacra is winners what about a piloting speed so it's hosting is the window so to in general comparison so you know this is so close okay so in my opinion so in my opinion this is so close to compare between spot and for the question with servants to buy I think some totally based on you are men okay so this this is a support of Greg soffit so if you're at a question like should I forget one of them what does two or even two of them like I am today so I will say yes I strongly recommend side growl and a2 hosting so after posting this videos I hope that you have already understand the difference between side growl and a2 hosting as well I have I will I have always supported use on uh things like what to choose okay so if but to me if I have to choose one one optim so I would prior to choose a2 hosting as a you know my website for a website – calm I mostly runs a SEO for most of my review course and you know good SEO so the faster opening of your website the better so that's why I use I want to choose a to hosting in this case but for yours if you like a better support you want a higher up Tom so are you so sorry also me yoga choice okay and thanks for taking your time watching this videos if you like any of these of it so please support me by clicking on the links on a description or anything from this post so you can produce a cycle or a to hosting through me okay so that's it so that everything you need to know so against hangs for this watching and if you like and feel free to share this video to your friends if you like bye-bye .

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You can read the full Siteground vs A2 Hosting comparison post here :

Presently,A2 Hosting and Siteground are considered to be some of the best low cost Hosting Services (for Wordpress,Magento,Prestashop and more)

Both provides you free migration services and also allow you to have 1 Click Site Installer.Of course,SSL Certificate are free if you are using any of these services.

About support,Siteground is considered to have the best supporters and it definitely a winner to A2 Hosting as you don't need to wait to have chat support with techical team.

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