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hi everyone in this video I'm just going to take you through how to log into your a two hosting account how to install WordPress and then how to log into WordPress so it's pretty simple this is the home page just click on the login up the top there enter in your email address enter in your password and hit login so in here you got your client area you can look after your domains that you've purchased through a – all your hosting services how you can also do that just here in here and it tells you a bit of account overview information which I've got blurred out because it is my real account information anyway to get to your actual hosting you click on my services now on here you'll see I've got two services and I know I'm gonna have my VPS hosting but I do have my web hosting and to go into an I click manage ok so from here tells you a bit more details about your hosting again I've grayed out a lot of my stuff down here because it's real details and then you go login to cPanel just log you into your cPanel okay so loads up from there just gives you access to all the different parts of your account like creating emails or email addresses I should say installing applications and getting other stats about saved visitors to your website you can install WordPress here with this word present you optimize I don't know we like doing that cuz out a lot of extra stuff to your website you don't need instead I'll just use one of the installer services so once you're in your install service and then we go over to WordPress on the left here and then I click install now for this I've actually set up a store or subdomain to do the store on how to save money don't go and it is online store or else I'm a doctor now with this in directory leave a blank you want it in the root directory database name can be whatever you're on you don't need this information unless you installation has a failure at some point in the future those we'll just leave it as default same with the table prefix site name will be whatever you want it to be whatever you all your web stores gonna be called mine I'll just make online store you know and description to be what if you want I'm just going to leave it as my word blog for Nia you're having news names what you're gonna use to log into the website for the first time should be something that isn't just admin or administrator or something you're gonna use to post with just to make this easy for me though I'm just gonna make it Gwen an uppercase G my password will be password 1 2 3 which is naughty don't ever have that actually the capital P don't let me go through make sure you have a stronger password than that otherwise you get hacked so and then the admin email this is the email address you want to use to log into your website I'm just gonna make an admin at much speed income limit logon attempts always tick that that stops people logging into your website with the wrong username and password too many times can stop your website being hacked and with all this stuff I don't normally take any of it except for the automated backups I normally make it at least once a month and I do a rotation of two that just means if there's an arrow down the track I can recover most my data and I just click install from there doesn't me take too long to install a couple of minutes sometimes ok even less and it's finished so to get to my webstore I now go there and to login I go there so gives you your main website and then your login website so you go to the online store that's what it looks like at the moment it's just a wordpress installation nothing special about it there's just default for 2015 and you put the online store login so from here we go in and we type in our password we go login ok so now you're in your dashboard there's a few things you can do in here you can add posts add pages change your themes I guess themes are probably something people be interested in also website you just look like this there are a lot of really good specific I guess shop themes or themes dedicated to e-commerce websites or you can just get some popular themes at the time so we might really like the look of one of these things here and install it I'm just going to leave it as a default theme but have an idea of all the different ones you can install and there's more on the popular and later so if you want to search a shop I've never actually done that before I don't know so we'll come up there you go a couple of different themes you can you can choose from here here's a storefront one anyway so that's that in the next video I'm going to show you how to install WooCommerce and actually get your shop up and running ok thanks bye .

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How to install wordpress on A2 hosting



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