How To Set Up Your A2 Hosting Account | A2 Hosting Best For Wordpress NEW 2020 😎 (Part 1 of 2)


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Σ Sigma Hosting is mainly a video tutorial website that make it easier for you to search within the transcript of videos for solutions of problems you might face during your journey in dealing with different webhosting companies. So, we are very sorry if the text is not well organized and we may work on it in the future but for now we hope you get the benefit mainly from the video then you may need to have a look on the transcript. Thanks for your understanding 🙂

okay so what you're gonna do next is you're gonna log into your a to hosting back-office and this has all the information you need if you need to open a support ticket you can just click here to open ticket but you're gonna go right into the cPanel login there's this cPanel quick login you're gonna click on that and it's going to open up your cPanel now there's a lot of stuff here you don't need to worry about this right now all you need to look for is the soft oculus apps installer that says WordPress a to optimize now the nice thing about this is they install WordPress but they actually do some things that help your site be more secure and to run faster than just normal WordPress so you're gonna click on that and then it will click on the install you'll see the quick install and the custom install you can want to select custom install okay now in this case you can choose the HTTP or HTTPS version I recommend choosing the HTTPS version and then your domain name will be here you choose to drop down from there in most cases you're gonna want to install your site not in a directory so you're gonna leave this blank but in this case because we've already got one set up there I'm actually going to install this in a directory and so I'm just gonna put demo okay so that would be mean that would mean that domain name.com forward slash demo that's gonna be my blog so normally you'll leave that blank then you'll change this to just do a short description so in this case we'll do fasting news and this is just a short description like that next you're gonna see that this is randomly generated so this is the admin username and admin password these are both randomly generated the benefit of this is that it's gonna make it harder for BOTS to hack your site because what happens is the internet looks for these BOTS that look for different WordPress sites and they're looking for WP because or admin you know that's the the thing that they're looking to hack into and so you want to have a nice strong password like this a random username so that sounds good and then you need to type in your admin email address I'm going to select English and then under Advanced Options you'll see that it has the a – WP and then a random string of numbers so that makes it clear that it's a – and WordPress database and then the random letters make it less prone to being hacked and you'll see the table prefix also has some random letters thereafter the WP you want to just leave that as it is backup location and gonna select local folder automated backups once a week backup rotation – you gonna type in your email address of where to send the all this information to so it's gonna send you this password and the admin there then you're gonna click install so what's gonna happen is right now it's gonna be installing WordPress and this will take not very long at all and won't even take three to four minutes to get it all installed okay so as you can see the software was installed successfully and you want to make note of the domain names the domain URLs here so you can log into them you also get an email with that and that's where you log in to the site so that's it pretty easy now you can start building your WordPress site and making money online .

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How To Set Up Your A2 Hosting Account

This is how you get a domain name from Namecheap, and then setup your hosting account with A2 Hosting.

Follow these instructions and then reach out to us so we can add you to our private Wordpress training membership site.

Read the full instructions here on our blog:

Catch Part 2 directly on YouTube here:

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