How to Order a Dedicated Server from A2Hosting.com


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let's order a dedicated server from a2 hosting from the home page click dedicated hosting then scroll down and choose either flex dedicated server or managed flex dedicated server with a flex dedicated server you have complete control over your operating system you can choose from several different operating system templates and install whichever software you like to manage your server if you choose a flex managed server we pre install the cPanel control panel which gives you a very easy way to manage your server let's choose a flex manage to dedicated server on this page you'll see the three different options that we have our flex managed servers if you scroll down you'll see a list of the many different features that are included standard our flex dedicated servers if you scroll down a little bit further they'll be an option to see the full feature list click show full features and you'll see the entire list of features that we have included in our flex dedicated servers when you've chosen with server works best for you click the order now button underneath the server on this page you'll choose a domain name for your server if you would like to register domain name enter that domain in the field otherwise if you have an existing domain name click I have an existing domain name which I want to use and out of the domain name in the fields provided and click continue on the next page choose your billing cycle you can also scroll down and choose from many of the configurable options that will add functionality to your server for example if you're a reseller you might want to select to add a whm license to your control panel you can choose to add r1 soft CDP backups which add a terabyte of storage or continuous data protection you can add an SSL certificate by clicking the global sign one click alpha SSL check box you can also upgrade your server to solid state drives our testing is solid state drives is shown on to increase page load speeds by up to three hundred percent next scroll down to enter in the cpanel username and cpanel password that you would like to use for your main cpanel account you may also select an auto install application from the drop-down choosing one of the applications from the drop-down will automatically install the application after your servers and provisions when you're finished click add to cartadd check out at this screen you can review the options that you selected up to this point after reviewing your information scroll down and enter your contact information in the fields provided to create your account then scroll down and choose your payment method from the drop-down menu click the check box to indicate that you've read it and agree to our Terms of Service and then click complete order once you have completed your order your server will be provisioned and your login credentials will be sent to you via email congratulations and welcome to a2 hosting for more tutorials visit a2 hosting com / kv you .

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This tutorial will walk you through the process of ordering a dedicated server from A2Hosting.com



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