A2Hosting Review: Pros, Cons, and Alternatives


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hi I'm Tiffany domina welcome to my channel if you're new here my website is how to entrepreneur org and my mission is to help you grow a business from idea to enterprise so if you or someone you know wants to start or grow a business definitely stop by how to entrepreneurs org and check out my free eCourse it's a framework to help you grow from idea to enterprise so today I'll be doing a review of a to hosting and I'll be helping you to decide if this is a good hosting option for you so we'll be talking about pros cons and alternatives to a2 hosting so this is the a2 hosting site and they're definitely one of the top-of-the-line hosting companies out there with their speed their performance in their customer service but today we'll be talking about much more details on hey a to hosting and the pros and the cons so the scenario usually goes where you're starting a business you've been studying the market you're learning how to get people to know about your products and services you keep hearing about how effective internet marketing is to inform people about your business so you decide to try it but the problem is that you don't know where to start you hear that you need to get a web host you need to buy a domain name and you need to install a content management system like WordPress but how do you do that then you decide to do research to comparison shop for web host and you find out about a 2 hosting so this scenario where you start out clueless about how to get started online or which hosting company to choose this has happened to nearly everyone with a website at one point or another and we all have to experience the learning curve and the initial shock about the expanse of the topic so I wrote this review to help those of you who are trying to navigate the experience of world of the internet and who think a to hosting may be a good way for you to go so the goal of this video is to show you features of a two hosting so you'll be able to decide if this is the best fit for you so everyone has their preferences and some people will tell you this is good so you should sign up but I really want to align you with the right product fit for you whether it's a two hosting or whether it's another option so in this review we'll be talking about what it is how it works pros and cons what it does well what it does not what others are saying both good and bad my recommendation and some alternatives in case you still want to do some comparison shopping so if at any point you decide that you want to leave the review and go and try out a to hosting for yourself you can start to check it out by going to how to entrepreneur dot org slash a2 hosting again how to entrepreneur dot org slash a number two hosting so what you should be looking for in a web host let's start with that so it if I tell you about a2 or any other hosting company today but they change in a few months and it's no longer a good service you still know what to look for and what's unlikely H has been in business for a long time but I still like to make sure that you are empowered and you don't just trust my word for it but that you also know what to look forward to have the best scenario for you so first you want to look for the speed you want to know that you're moving to a hosting company that has high speed servers that your website is going to low fast you want to you want to know about the uptime is your site going to be going down often because if you start to drive lots of traffic to your website but then it keeps going down then it can really be a negative against your ranking and also against your sales you want good customer support you don't want to have to wait on the phone for a long time and then when you do get on contact get in contact with the hosting company you don't want to be talked down to or treat it rudely so the customer support is going to be very important when you're making a choice about a web host next you want features that will help you to maximize your presence online some hosting companies will offer you training some of them will offer you lots of support or consulting or different coaching there's different options that hosting companies will offer to help you really maximize your presence online some doing some don't but I think there's definitely an advantage of something you should look for number five security so your property your your website content is your intellectual property and it has a value to it so if you it's just like if you put your your business in a bad neighborhood it's the same way if you choose a bad web host you're really putting your your content at jeopardy and all of the value that comes along with that could easily be taken plagiarized it could be hacked into there's so many different things that can happen if you put your content on too bad hosting number six you're looking for storage space so some hosting companies only offer shared hosting some will offer up to dedicated servers depending on you you need to kind of know how much storage space you would need or to consult with the company so they'll be able to help you evaluate what would be appropriate for your situation typically shared hosting is fine for most people starting out online but as your content grows as you start getting more and more content and traffic then you will have to scale up that storage you want to find out what that would be like what that process would be like is that going to be a simple increase of storage space or what would that process be so you're going to be looking for enough storage space for what you're trying to do online and you also want to look for integrity you don't want people who are going to be dishonest with you who may be possibly upselling you when and it's unnecessary trying to do the best thing for them but not for you so you really want to look for a company that has integrity now so choosing a webhost is a big decision if you plan to invest your time creating and uploading content online or if you plan to invest your money to pay someone else to create an upload content online so you don't want to choose a web host based on the wrong metrics a lot of people are choosing based on price and based on he say she say but really its most important for you to choose based off of these metrics because this is going to make sure that your intellectual property is being stored online is kept there safely so to read the full post that I have about how to choose a good web host I have the link here and I'll leave a link in the description box to this article so you can stop by how to entrepreneur and check out any resources that I mentioned in the video that might be interesting to you so what is a – hosting a – hosting was started back in 2001 by Brian music or muffing he was a technology professional having a background as a UNIX system administrator and he decided to transfer his expertise into his own company when he started a to hosting 18 years ago he called it equanimity and since they've rebranded the rebranding was probably a pretty good move right because I can't even say the name in equanimity internet marketers complain about hosting companies who are being bought out by major publicly traded companies because that buyout is causing smaller hosting companies to kind of disappear there they're owned by these smaller hosting companies small businesses it's also causing that them to wipe out their support staff it's causing increases in affiliate commissions which is a good thing for the affiliate marketers and it's causing a change from a good reputation into a lackluster my business so it's good to note that a to hosting is privately owned and has been that way since they started eighteen years ago their support is 100% us-based so it's not a big communication lapse if you're in the u.s. where the business operates in one location and the support is overseas so as a result if you place a support ticket the communication is quick and your problem can be solved very fast so how does a to hosting work in its simplest form website hosting is paying for space on a server to ensure your website is live for your visitors when they want to see it so a to hosting has a network of servers in the US in Michigan in Europe and Amsterdam and in Asia over in Singapore and as a result they can provide quick serving of your website data to Internet users all over the world well my preferred content management system is WordPress a to hosting offers WordPress hosting and many other content management options so if you prefer an alternative to WordPress a2 hosting may be a good fit for you they also host joomla magento drupal b2 evolution concrete5 forum CMS customer relation management CMS and different options they also host ecommerce content management systems like PrestaShop Magento WooCommerce and others so there's lots of different content management system options for whichever different project you may be trying to do online so how do you get started with a2 hosting so if you are in the situation we described above where you're looking for a way to start your website or grow your website and you're thinking that a2 hosting is the best option for you you start by choosing an a2 hosting clan so if you visit the a2 website you can see that they have these different clans and these are their their shared hosting their reseller hosting their virtual VPS hosting their dedicated hosting so you can choose from any of these plans and then you choose your plan by how many websites you plan to create whether you want to share the hosting weather how many different website owners you want to share it with because share hosting is usually where you would share the server with many people but VPS would be a smaller number of people you would share the server with and then if you have dedicated thing you won't share the server at all it'll be your own dedicated server that will be managed by a to hosting so and also you would choose your plan based off of whether you want Turbo servers or not so in their plans you can see that they have with their share plans they have different turbo charge options so you can have higher speed loading times so if you're just starting out and you want to host one website you can choose their smallest shared hosting plan and it should be sufficient for you if you have a larger website with more content and traffic traffic you may want VPS or a dedicated server so again you can go to my posts how to choose the best hosting for you and that can really help you to decide which one might be most appropriate for you then you'll be able to also see the differences if you want more websites you might be best off choosing their share or VPS plans where you'd be able to host unlimited websites only very established sites will require dedicated service pursuit but if that's you a to hosting still has a package option that you can pick so number two you would transfer your existing site a to has free site migration or you can install a content management system so a 2 hosting offers free migration so if you currently have a web host and you want to switch to a 2 hosting they make the switch very easy for you you contact the a2 hosting support letting them know which hosting account you'd like to cite transfer to and if you're new online you need to buy a domain name and install a content management system so for the ease of this tutorial I'll explain a wordpress installation so a2 hosting uses a three click website builder named Softaculous and many of the other hosting companies also use Softaculous so a lot of their c panels look very similar and a lot of their WordPress installation operates very similarly as well so once you're logged on to your a 2 hosting account you go to Softaculous and then you would install WordPress so number 3 you will begin customizing your site so once you have a live site on a 2 hosting thing you're all set and ready to begin customizing your site so I added this video just to give you some ideas of how you could go about installing and customizing your site with the a2 hosting so as far as what people are saying both good and bad I've compiled this review roundup so that I can give you good feedback on what other customers are saying about a to hosting and then you can evaluate based off of that whether this is a good option for you so as far as their uptime and their speed test hosting FAQs has been performing a speed test on a2 hosting since 2015 where they purchased the domain and they publicly share their uptime and speed data so you can actually see the results of that I've included that into this article so you can check that out and it's pretty it's pretty good they're doing a good job also common positive feedback a lot of the customers after reading several of the other customer reviews what I found is that they mention that they're very good at customer support they always respond quickly to support tickets they perform better than Moses times all web hosts on speed tests they're versatile their technical support is very knowledgeable so those are really good things to keep in mind if you're considering a to hosting but on that contrast some common negative feedback that I heard or that I read was that they've had observed flows where they're at top their uptime will go between 99.1 percent to 99.9 percent and for some for some people 99 1.1 percent uptime is alarming so you know majority of the time clearly based off of the statistics the sites are live but there are some times when members have noted that the uptime was as low as 99.1 now that is a minority of the time and they even keep their uptime stats on our website but I want to make sure to note that some members have said that so as far as the most helpful positive a – hosting review hosting FAQs has been paying has been a paying customer of a to hosting since 22 2015 and their review reflects their testing on their a – hosted sites here's what they said a to hosting page loading times came in with an average of 376 milliseconds over a period of 10 months the highest of every web host it who every web host we have reviewed and 50 plus percent faster than the industry average at 890 890 milliseconds so that's really really good because a two out of there tests of different web hosts a two is performing the best thing as far as the most helpful negative a – hosting review Darrell Wilson did a review of several web hosting companies and the page speeds he actually added a plugin he purchased the domain on several different web hosting companies sites and then he added a plug-in that tracked the uptime the downtime in the page speed he also added the same theme onto each one so that he'll basically have a consistent test so he shows site ground and DreamHost performed better on our page speed test his experience may be different than yours and the page speed was within seconds of a difference but you can see all of his comparison tests right here in this video that I've included inside of the article as far as a2 hosting prices their share hosting they have they have one site hosting three site hosting and unlimited sites and the pricing breaks down like this so it's starting at 1199 monthly and going up to 36 98 so let's see if that still is the case so it looks like that is not the case so right now their pricing starts at 392 monthly for a single site and it goes up to nine dollars and 31 cents so right now it says 51% off so they're having a sale so that's also something to keep in mind pretty cool so as far as their VPS hosting they offer different VPS servers as well and a variety of options that you can choose from if you're looking for VPS hosting but as you can see the price ranges from thirty to ninety nine for managed VPS with root access and thirty to ninety nine for managed VPS without root access and then is cheaper for there they're unmanaged VPS but this is specifically for developers and those who know how to manage their own servers and then for their dedicated hosting they have the unmanaged servers and then they also have their court and their managed servers so where their core servers with managed server with root access and then their managed servers without root access and both of those are $141 starting out so as far as my final opinion of a2 hosting I think it's a great option for those who want to start a website or those with an existing website who want great customer service great technical expertise supporting them and high quality hosting service so this is one of the hosts with the top performance and the most satisfied customers and if you'd like to give a to hosting a try again you can go to how to entrepreneur org slash a2 hosting again how to entrepreneurs / a2 hosting or you can stop by and check out the links in the in the article it is an affiliate link that articles the links in the article many of them are affiliate links some of them will take you to other articles that would be additional resources to help you on your search for hosting but some of them will be affiliate links so if you were to click on them and go to a two hosting site will receive or I would receive a commission as a result of that but it would be at no additional cost to you so as some alternatives I want to present to you some alternatives in case you still want to do some comparison shopping for different hosting companies so if you'd like to check out some alternatives these are some of my top recommendations number one I personally host my site at Wealthy Affiliate they offer managed share hosting plans with very good customer service 30 gigabytes of storage peer-to-peer feedback and common exchanges they have one login where you can add the content to all of your sites so you can you don't have to log into several different WordPress admin panels and they have the free SSL certificate and also in addition to their hosting when you when you sign up for wealthy affiliate you also get thousands of hours of recorded training and coaching own website monetization traffic generation and many other pertinent topics they're hosting also comes with free site migration access to a community of over 1 million active members on a social media style networking site and you get live weekly internet marketing training and market research tools to help you find out which content is on demand online so I have a full review on wealthy affiliate as well as a demo that you can take a look at if this is something you want to consider as you're hosting alternative for me is worked out very good I've been more than happy with wealthy affiliate but again it's all about what's the best fit for you so a – is a good option and what the affiliate is another great option and then another option is WP engine if you are looking for managed WordPress hosting they've tweaked their hosting offer to focus solely on providing the best support to WordPress users so this wouldn't be exact comparison to a two because you cannot host other content management systems so if you are looking to host Drupal or Magento or PrestaShop or anything like that well the affiliate or WP engine won't work as an alternative for that but SiteGround is another option if you are looking for more content management systems and the ability to host those so if you look online for best WordPress hosting companies site Brown is one of the most ones that you'll see come up a lot of people strongly rave about them they're a very notable company and they've been in the business for a while and providing a good stellar experience so I've written a full review on site ground as well with the pros and cons and I definitely would say stop and take a look at that cyclone review if you want to figure out if that one could be the right fit for you so I also have a list of top web hosting companies that I recommend based off of having done the reviews having interacted with the staff I usually make calls and try to play around with the service to make sure that when I recommend something that is actually going to work for you even if it's not the solution I choose for myself so this list is my top six recommended web host based off of the customer service and the other criteria that I told you earlier so check out this post for other the six recommended web host if you're still in the market for web hosting so that's all I have for this video overall I recommend a two hosting it's a great hosting option and if you have any questions please leave them in the comment section below if you want to share your experience with a to hosting you can also do that in the comment section below many other people who are considering a tools they would love to be able to read and know what the experiences are like of other users so I really appreciate if you could leave your experiences below if you like this video please leave a thumbs up and if you'd like to see more like it where I do product and service reviews buyers guides and growth strategies to help you grow your business from idea to enterprise then subscribe this channel and click the belt icon so you can be notified of upcoming videos so that's all I have for this video and I really hope to see you in the next one have a great day bye .

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