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hi welcome to rebel still be overcome today I am review about a Boston so this is the main page a homepage as you can see basil a2 hosting listed on top on this website that's my left side you can find any of the plan that is a to hosting offering at the moment so in the meantime we just navigate the a2 hosting website there as you can see in top there are number of website listed there that is sheer hosting VPS hosting reseller hosting cloud hosting dedicated hosting and so on me as I am navigated and used myself its sheer hosting its best but but i'll recommend for the wordpress hosting it most because of their number of features mentioned e now in a major we have come home web hosting premium calm so as it as you can see there are number of plants are listed you don't need to navigate there you just have to navigate on web hosting premium calm and you can find any of the plan of a2 hosting not only am ia to hosting but you can find any best diversity plan offering by anywhere best web hosting complicity that is a to hosting and Rick's hosting godaddy and so on so as you can see this share hosting reseller hosting VPS hosting cloud hosting and dedicated hosting that is version at very verbose chittagong calm so at that time what I like the most is then is that their spot this part is awesome as you can see the web chat is of chat option is also there now I can see I can start chatting can ask for any sport from their spot eating and the as we have navigated below what you can see you can see that this thing a to hosting averaged 5 into 5 x 12 13 reviews that is more than thousand reviews there are people who rated a2 hosting five out of five that is the awesome thing that is the really or something now left what we have check it out their plans of course now navigate to shared hosting we can do the again I will beat we can do the same at you as we never get to share hosting and all the plans are they're listed would all need to go through and check it out again and again we just come and sick and compare each and everything here with the tall most companies are boasting companies now as you can see the plaster from three-point line to dollar per month that is a very cheap rewriting so but the best thing is they are offering unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth and and the most i think if you know fresher in this line then you know them police face st and they are offering free SSD there is um that is awesome thing simply or something and the in most of the top most companies we are talking about money back guarantee they don't offer but 80 hosting should they do yeah for all of the plans you can see there's any time money back guarantee there is a or something because they believe in the service they believe if you are you will start sorry the blade if you will start or using their plan then you not be sad so we can compare all of these plans the first plan that is like plan is best for one and swift for all website with low traffic and the f sorry for average traffic and for turbo it's awesome plan for shared hosting but i'll recommend go with the VPS in if you are expecting average cloud so all if we are looking for shared hosting either for wordpress joomla drupal websites or if you are if you are running or looking to run our website its average current then you can easily go with a2 hosting i give 5 out of 5 for its sheer and VPS hosting tank .

Video Discription

We review #A2Hosting and their services, web hosting plans, support etc. Checked the A2Hosting website in real time and suggest you to which plan is best for you.


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